Saturday, April 09, 2011

Outback & St. Patrick's Day

Pretty random stuff here. Just a few shots I wanted to keep track of. Sorry if the blog is getting a bit boring of late. That said...
We finally used up our Christmas certificate to Outback a few weeks ago. We try to hang on as long as we can before using them up. Eleanor actually tried the Rye bread at the table. Once she had a taste she kept picking at it from the top.
It's good stuff. Wish I could buy loaves of that from the store.
E and daddy.E and mommy. Sadly this is the most flattering (of me) out of a few different shots. We were enjoying cheesecake at the end of our meal, and I was apparently REALLY enjoying it. Not so flattering. Eating out at a sit-down place is still hard with Eleanor. There are only so many crayons...
And here are two shots from St. Patrick's Day. I did her hair up all cute in a green ribbon.
Which she promptly took out, but do you see her cute boots? I love them. Sadly they will fit her all of another three days if we are lucky.
So I make her wear them a lot.


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