Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Early Park Day

A few weeks ago while still in winter's icy clutches, we had a brief spell of lovely weather. I think it lasted a day and a half. Some friends decided to head to the park so our little ones could get some cabin-fever-wiggles out. Although there was still a bit of snow on the ground, the play equipment was clear and the sun felt fantastic.

It was fun to see little E braving parts of the slides and climbing areas that she was too little to handle just a few months ago. Here is Leah and Eleanor after taking a mini "hike" to the edge of the wooded section. I told them to stop so I could take their picture, so Leah stops and plops down in the snow. Whoops.
Of course Eleanor joins right in.
We try to ignore the swings as long as we can since once she realizes they are there, that is all she wants to do.
They were so cute together. They had so much fun.
Look at that face. It lasts the entire time she is in motion. You are all welcome to come visit and take her to the swings every day if you'd like. Room & board are covered, airfare, not so much.
Here is a snippet of the girls swinging. Oh, and Michael wants to swing.

And here is the rest of the gang once we stopped to have lunch. I think I took twenty shots to try and get everyone looking at me and smiling. Never happened.
This one is a touch better. Eleanor discovered pudding snacks this day, as she found Grant's and just started in on it. Thanks Angela.
As is usual in Michigan, we later ran into another group of moms and kids from our ward, so the party got bigger and better. After the hideous doldrums of February, the second the sun shines we all run out doors. This was in mid-March. It's now April 12th and we are enjoying the sun with a bit more regularity. We've already grilled a dozen times outside and this past Sunday it reached a crazy high of 83 degrees! Sadly, I was dying indoors of the heat. Good thing I am delivering in June, I don't think I could make it the whole summer.


Phill and Tiffany said...

I love that both girls sat down in the snow. They are getting so big!

Tiff said...

FUN! Warm weather can't come soon enough!

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