Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Downstairs Foyer Before & After

This is our downstairs landing. A tiny room with 4 doors plus two openings. It kind of feels like the room in Harry Potter that spins after you try a door. Anyhow, two of the doors had pretty bad holes in them that I tried patching with wood putty. Sadly, they ended up looking like this.
I knew I wanted to paint the room anyhow, so I thought I'd paint the doors too. I went with a bold navy blue as it's pretty much my favorite color and since I wouldn't be brave enough to try it in a larger room. Actually, that's not true. I would totally do it if I didn't have to repaint it in a year and a half. I figure this space can be repainted in under an hour or so. Here is another before shot of the space.
Small, lots of doors, you get the gist. I had already taped before I remembered to take pictures, but oh well.
And after! Navy blue, white doors and a new lampshade that looks seriously homemade (because it is) if you get too close.
A different angle.

Overall I am really pleased with it. Since I painted the large family room that it opens to all white, I like the deep color. The family room had really damaged paneling on both ends that were different shades, buckling etc... So I painted them all white to match the drywalled sides and boy is it so much better! I think I have pictures of that before, but it will be a while before I deem that room ready for "after" shots.


alison said...

Love it, Marianne!! It looks very crisp, and the trim and doors really pop now. Our guest room-turned-boys' bedroom-used to be navy. I loved it. That lampshade is beautiful.

The Jessee Journal said...

LOVE the contrast. Especially love what a difference it made to paint the lovely orangish wood doors WHITE. Way to go :) Someday, oh someday, I won't be a renter! lol

Brent & Andrea said...

Wow, it looks a million times cuter. You have a good eye for home improvements. Isn't it fun?

leigh said...

That looks great! I am loving navy too these days. I just proposed (to Dan) that we paint our red dining room a peacock blue and he totally vetoed it! I'm getting sick of the red and I think I just want all different blues in my whole house. Oh well.

Ann said...

YAY! I've been waiting so long for this post! And I will continue to patiently wait for the family room post too...hint hint. HA! It looks tons better!! I was so lazy to do anything about it when we were there. You guys should have moved in before us and we could have moved into an awesomely painted place. ha.

Ann said...

E to the Jay here-- WOW!! I seriously can't believe all of the awesome things you guys have done to that place. I am sure Lindon loves having you guys for tenants. The only changes we made to the house happened when light bulbs burned out...ha.

Curse you and your amazing talent and hard work!! Also, we miss you guys terribly!!

Larissa said...

I love it! This looks SO much better/cleaner! Great work!

Charlotte said...

Beautiful--you've got a gift for choosing paint colors.

Heather - said...

I'm gonna post about this before & after next week at Decor Hacks!

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