Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Side Table Before & After

When we first moved to Michigan I found these two side tables at a magical yard sale. You know, one of those where you wished you owned a truck and think back on it over and over again? Yeah- it was amazing. Bookshelves and ottomans and tables and dressers etc... All for crazy good prices. I still remember the pieces that got away. Anyhow. I got these two side tables for $5. Total, like as in $2.50 each. Yeah. Total steal.
They were pretty beat up, but who cares? Like I ever leave anything the way it is.
So about a year later I got around to sanding them. Boy did they look pretty all clean and sanded down. I almost wanted to just clear stain them, but no. I had weirder ideas at hand.
I "stained" them navy blue. Because if anything will hold still, I will paint it some shade of blue. Here are the finished pieces.
Sorry this one is kind of out of focus.
I painted the tables with navy paint left over from the foyer and then wiped them down with a watery rag, then varnished when they were dry. (Ok, so about 3 months later.) This way you can still see the grain of the wood. As you can tell in the picture above, the wood is very red naturally, so these may look a bit purple. I think the blue "staining" would work better on a pine or something lighter, but you get the idea.
And here you can see the two lamps I bought for this room. One was $7 and one was $6. The one on the floor was the first one I bought. I like it, but I love the second one- the one on the table. They totally don't go together, so the one on the table stays and the one on the floor is going to get painted and given a different home. I will show you that project once I finish it. Or start it. Lots of projects going on right now. I am building a bench for the foot of our bed, trying to find or make new bedding, just found better curtains (and returned the old ones!), a shower curtain (finally) and dozens of other odds and ends. We shall see how long this creative spurt lasts and how much I actually accomplish before little man arrives!


Charlotte said...

You should have your own TV show. And how to do find all these amazing things? Do you garage-sale non-stop?

Ann said...

You are way too talented and definitely need your own TV show. The tables look awesome. You could totally refinish stuff, resell them, and make enough money to pay off Clayton's law school loans. Seriously, your projects always turn out awesome!!

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