Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're Bringing Rainbows Back (Yeah!)


Sorry to all the pinners out there that are finding this blog post to see how to make the cute hair bows. I never made a tutorial as I am not one of "those" blogs (However, I LOVE those blogs!), this is just my family blog. Basically I just used plain grosgrain ribbon in varying lengths glued together, then I glued a few buttons on the "end" of each rainbow, then glued the rainbows and clouds onto a covered barrette. For the rosette, I again used ascending lengths, and hand sewed the ends together to make a circle, ran a running stitch through it to gather, then glued them on top of each other. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.

It's Birthday time here in Michigan. Tomorrow Eleanor turns ONE! We are so excited for our little star. I know it's a cliche, but I cannot believe how fast this year has gone! In preparation for the big day we have been busy little bees. Here's a bit of the action. We will post more after tomorrow!

We practiced eating cake all by ourselves. She aced this of course.
Two hands full at all times.

We practiced wearing crowns. This one is courtesy of Burger King.
Don't mind the messy sweater. A little juice got away from her.
Happy little queen.
On to the rainbows! Look at how fun this is! I found a link to this rainbow cake about two months ago and it set the whole theme for the party, because I wanted to make this cake. This is just the batter, so cute!
Here are the cupcakes baked but pre-frosting. I will post the finished ones once I, well,
finish them.
Here is the start of another project. I wanted to make Eleanor a party dress for her big day, and then of course I wanted to make a rainbow dress. Just a heads up. Rainbow fabric (and wrapping paper and paper plates etc...) do not exist. The gay community has taken hold of rainbows and everyone else has backed off. Well I want rainbows back! (Thus the title. P.S. Sing it to a popular Justin Timberlake song.) They can use them too, I just want to be able to use a rainbow without someone thinking of my "orientation". Gross. Anyhow, back to the dress. I had to buy seven different colored fabrics to make my rainbow "fabric".
And here is the finished result. I didn't use a pattern, so it's a little off, but all in all I am happy with the results. It fits, so that is huge. The sixties, mod shape I imagined looks a little too Rainbow Brite for me, but I suppose that is a comparison you are going to get.
I also made these little hair bows for all the girls that will be attending the party. And to anyone who didn't get invited, sorry. I wish we could invite half the ward, but until we can party outside, we had to keep the guest list small. If you are feeling slighted, let me know and I will make you a rainbow bow too.
I need to go to bed so I am not a zombie for tomorrow. We are taking Eleanor to the zoo!


LD said...

Marianne--you are the ultimate-awesome-cool-can-do-anthing mom!! I can no longer be amazed when I get on your blog at see the creative awesomeness you make.

--That dress rocks. And you didn't use a pattern??? I have to have a pattern to make a square burp rag!!!

Happy Birthday sweet sweet Eleanor!

jen said...

The dress is adorable! Growing up when our hems were a little off, Gma Helen would always say "well you can't tell on a galloping horse!" Eleanor is going to be darling in it and I'm sure no one will notice any imperfection.
I did the same cupcakes for Maddy's birthday. Good pick! The kids thought they were the best tasting cupcakes even though it was just out of a box. :)
Happy birthday, Eleanor!!!

Tiff said...

Happy Birthday beautiful little Eleanor!! You are crazy creative!! I'm always so amazed and impressed by what you pull off and you always pull it all off so well!

What a lucky little girl Eleanor is!

Shauna said...

Okay, I saw this after I posted on your wall. I love all the birthday prep, of course. And the dress! THE DRESS! She needs a pair of white patent go-go boots of some sort, because I can't get my brain to stop picturing it that way. Which is AWESOME. Love everything. Good luck with the party! I'm considering a friend party this year, but, eh. Let's be honest about my level of laziness here. Give Eleanor birthday smooches from me!

leigh said...

that rainbow dress is so cute! and the cakes are so fun! i wish i had a girl and she could come.

Aubreydoll said...

What a lucky girl, looks like it's going to be an awesome party!! And, just for the record, I have ALWAYS loved rainbows! Please, bring 'em back!!

Mark and Sarah said...

You are just amazing! and for reals I can't believe she is turning one already! Where does time go. Good luck with the party. Can't wait to see the pics.

The Jessee Journal said...

OH MY HECK I'm in love with her dress. And yes, it does slightly channel Rainbow Brite ... but maybe that's part of why I love it. So cheerful! I love the rainbow theme idea and the party favors are too cute! And if I could continue gushing, let me just say your comment about the gay community and rainbows was a true lol.

Shelli said...

Wow--this year really HAS gone by fast! I can't believe it. Oh, that first birthday party is so much fun. We're looking at two in a couple of months. Happy birthday Eleanor! We sure love that little sweetie and wish we could be there.

moabgirl said...

I whole-heartedly support bringing rainbows back! Seriously I had to wait 12 years for a rainbow birthday. And the dress ~ it just doesn't get any better! Happy Birthday Eleanor!

Rylie said...

Oh my goodness! That little dress you made is adorable! I am totally into rainbows too, and can never find anything!! Those hairbows are awesome too! Happy Birthday sweet little girl!!

Lisa and company said...

cute dress. Remember when we used to play with Rainbow Brite? She was all the rave- that and my Michael Jackson barbie doll

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