Friday, March 26, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

This is a little late, but we didn't do much for Saint Patrick's Day. We wore a little green, tried to find bums to pinch etc, etc... but mainly we just enjoyed the insanely lovely weather. We had a beautiful week of sunshine, all the snow had melted and temperatures were well into the 60's, so we were outside as much as possible. It then snowed the following weekend (boo) and is finally starting to climb back up again this week. We spent the morning of the 17th playing with friends and the afternoon in the park. Not a bad way to spend the day. I hope we can spend a good part of the summer like this!

Here is Eleanor wearing her green MSU sweatshirt and her new pigtails. Oh, and of course her shades. She thinks it's really funny to put them on, and then wants to take them right off. Also funny. On our walk she finally wore them for more than two seconds when the sun was in her eyes. Everyone we passed had to wave at her. She made sure to wave back each time. Cutie.
She got a bonk right near her eye last week. It's healing quickly, but you can see it in this picture.
Yes Fonzie, you are the coolest.
Eleanor loves the bucket swings. She swang for over a half an hour. (Modern English now says it's swung, but I learned it as swang. Any opinions?) When I finally got her out, thinking she was bored, she got super, super mad. So I put her back in and we enjoyed another half hour.
We ran into two other families from our ward at the park. The Hills and the Hutchinsons. In Michigan, the second the sun comes out everyone races outside. It's been so nice after such a dull February. We were all sick for most of the month. Ugh.
Just swinging and swinging away.
Our ward also had a chili cook-off last Friday with our awesome neighbors, the Oversons, taking first place. There were over 20 chilies there! It was so good, and I ate way too much. We dressed Eleanor (and me, the dork) up like a cowgirl, but I didn't have our camera on me. A friend took some pictures, so I will post those later when I get the copies. Not much else to report right now. Clayton is very busy with school (and March Madness of course). Eleanor is trying to go from two naps to one and mom is trying to stop that. I have a feeling we all know who will win this round. Love to all!


Grammy Rae said...

The pigtails and shades are so cute. She is a fashion statement.

Ann said...

She always looks like she is having so much fun! You can't look at any of her pictures you post and not smile. That is an amazing gift she has on people! She gets it from her mama! Clayton too I guess. haha. J/K C!

monica said...

You always have such perfect blog posts. I love how you are able to showcase so much of the special fun every day life has to offer. plain - yet poignant. in other words:I love how special a day for a Mother at the park with her 1 year old in a swing is! thanks for sharing.

Shelli said...

E looks like quite the fashionista in those shades! Is she walking now? Pardon if you've already blogged about that. We sure miss you guys.

Lisa and company said...

It is crazy how kids either love or hate the swing. When Allias was a baby he would literally stop breathing and turn blue every time we pushed him in the swing.
E is lucky to have such a great mom!

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