Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eleanor's First Birthday Pt. 2 The Zoo

After a great morning nap and a new (stuffed) puppy, we took our birthday girl to the zoo. It was her very first time. In honor of her birthday the entrance to the zoo was free! Ok, it was just a coincidence, but score! Eleanor loves, loves, loves animals so we were excited to introduce her to so many up close.

Here is our sweet family! Not sure what's happening with my hair, but Eleanor's cuteness makes up for everything.
Our fun neighbors joined us! Next to E is her best friend Jasmine and behind her is Lauren. You've probably seen them here before.
Daddy and Eleanor.

Jasmine, EJay, Ann and Lauren
Eleanor showed us her ferocious lion face.
And another version.
Jasmine did it too. Lauren wasn't terribly interested.
Pretty peacocks wander all around.
Inside we got to see Lemurs and other stuff I only recognize from the movie Madagascar.
Cutie-pies Lauren and Eleanor. There is also a tiger in this shot, but the flash washed him out.
After a great time at the zoo we enjoyed a little park right next door.
Eleanor loves, loves, loves the swings!
She was thrilled every time Clayton pushed her higher. Not scared a bit.
I have a hard time editing the pictures down. You are all lucky (or not!) that I kept the swings down to just four. I only took about thirty. The girls in tandem!
After the park we went to Johnny Rockets for lunch where Eleanor got to have her favorite french fries. Then back home to prepare for the big party... which will be part three!


Aubreydoll said...

What a great birthday! Everything she loves all in one day, who wouldn't be happy!

Ann said...

We do love us some E! Thanks for letting us tag along with you guys to the zoo!

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