Monday, March 15, 2010

Eleanor's First Birthday Pt. 3 The Party!

27 pictures! Can you handle it? Eleanor's party was such a blast. Fun friends, yummy food and a well behaved (mostly) birthday girl made for a perfect party. Here are all the shots!

Here the room is all set up for the party. I wish we could keep it decorated all the time.
Her pinata, presents and gift bags all ready to go.
Our sweet girl all rainbow'd up, talking to her grandma Kathy before her friends show up.
Not sure if you can tell, but I curled her hair. It was kind of hilarious looking. The headband helped, but at first it made her look like a dowdy school secretary or something. No offense to any hottie secretaries out there.
Her party hat and mini-cake, waiting to be attacked.
We went easy with the food. Except for the cakes, everything was bought ready-to-go.
Our "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" was a "Put the Gold in the Pot". The kids loved the game and did an impressive job! Madelyn was our big winner.
Her cute candle!
The big blowout.
We had to hold her hands as she really wanted to impress us by pinching out the flame. Show-off.
How fun is that cake?
The cupcakes were fun too!Kids scavenging for pinata goodness.
Eleanor opening one of her awesome presents. She loves her new toys & books!
More goodies. Isn't funny how we spoil them on the first birthday, the one that they will never remember? We should of gotten her a small fry at McDonald's and then given her a long bath. That is pretty much nirvana for her on any other day.
She got her first balloons. Eleanor freaking loves balloons. She always points them out at the grocery store but I've waited to buy her one until her birthday.
This cute one is from the Phillips. Thanks guys!
Digging in on her mini-cake. I guess a lot of kids just stare at their cake, not E.
No, she knew exactly what to do.
We scraped off the skittles first. Choking wasn't the first birthday memory we wanted.
Back to business.
Lauren watched her for a spell.
Woo hoo! Cake rules! (Doesn't it though?)
"Hey guys! Check out my cake!"
She already knows how to share. Awwww. Um, no thanks though.
How does it get in the hair so fast? Seriously? What a cutie.
Slowing down...
Alright, seems like cake time is over.
And time for a bath!!!
Thanks to everyone who made it such a perfect day! We love our Eleanor so much and are so blessed to have her in our life. It's so sweet to see how much others love her too!


Grammy Rae said...

What fun that looked like! The cake was very festive and looked yummy. You made one great day for the cutie.

Aubreydoll said...

27 pictures?! That beats any post I've ever put up, love it!!

Those cakes and cupcakes were way awesome! And I love how Eleanor just dug right in! Bauer poked the frosting once and then flicked it off his finger. We'll have to work with Cadance in the next few weeks so she can have as awesome of an experience as Eleanor!

Shelli said...

Marianne, you've outdone yourself again! I love it all!

annie said...

that cake is adorable, and i love the tissue flowers hanging everywhere! also, i LOVE those red chairs.

The Jessee Journal said...

I used "delish" in my blog post today. Just for you ;)

The Deifel Tower said...

The cake and dress turned out sooooo cute! You marvelous person you. Must have been a tremendous amount of work so kudos to you! Now it's time for a lot of napping. Preparations for Emma's puppy party are underway. (Notice the nice alliteration there. Dork alert.) Anywho, thanks for the million pics!

The Deifel Tower said...

Ok, this posted as Josh but it's me, Heidi, if you couldn't tell. Fortunately I'm in his photo there or that would be one weird comment from a dude.

King Lady said...

One of your best posts yet, we do declare! We love E!! Happy birthday, love.

Jade said...

Are you kidding me about that rainbow party? And I heard you even made her rainbow dress? Who are you?

Will you plan and make Paisley's 1st birthday party? Please?

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