Monday, September 28, 2009

Who's With Me?

Maybe it's the rain, but I am feeling like the epitome of blah. No motivation, no energy. Just a huge desire to eat jelly beans and browse blogs. Only I'm almost out of blogs. (C'mon people! Write more!) It's almost noon and I am still in my pajamas. Not sweats, which we all know are ok to stay in all day. No. Actual pajamas, so I can't even answer the door if needed. Any ideas to get me out of this funk? Even projects aren't calling my name. The laundry really isn't calling my name. Ho hum. Here is a link to a funny web site where I found the above graph. Later.


Ann said...

bwahaha!! I'm doing the EXACT same thing!! I took a shower and got back into new pj's. I still feel sick though. That's my excuse. Althouh this may be a sign of whats to come this winter. I get into this funk and can't get out of it til Summer. Blah!! If you're not worried about getting sick your always welcome to come over and be blah with me!

Lisa and company said...

I got dressed today- to teach seminary- thought about doing yoga after the kids left- decided against it- got back in my jammies.

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