Monday, September 14, 2009

Pretty Pretty Baby Girl

Each Sunday we try to wake up insanely early (For us that is, it's about 3-4 hours earlier than we usually wake.) to get ready for church at nine. For me it is impossible to focus the mental powers needed to find cute outfits that don't do one of two things. 1- Are so blousy that I look pregnant. Or 2- Are so tight that I look pregnant. I think it's time to lay off the frosting. Or not, I'm not bothered enough to try that. Luckily getting Eleanor dressed is a cinch. She has more beautiful clothes than any little girl I know of thanks to her darling cousin Allie.

Here are Allie and Eleanor together at the end of our summer in Utah.
Allie had and has one of the greatest wardrobes ever seen. It rivals Suri Cruise. She was the surprise baby to my brother and his wife, joyfully coming 14 years after her brother and sister. She was long awaited for, and as a result everyone showered her with love. And clothes. Add her 16 year old fashionista sister (now starting college!) into the mix and she was and is one well dressed little lady.

The second magical part of this story is that due to Allie's wardrobe, Eleanor has received some amazing hand-me-downs. Lots of them. And we are so grateful! I love getting her dressed up in her pretty dresses. Each Sunday I mean to take pictures of her all dolled up, but usually forget. Or Clayton gets her undone before I get to the camera. But last Sunday we remembered.

So here she is wearing a special dress of Allie's. I call it her prom dress as it has a netting pinafore sewn right in. Allie had her pictures taken in it when she was about the same age.
Baby makes mom look thinner, cause who is looking at mom in these shots?
And with dad!
If I had an office, this would be on my desk.
Seeing Eleanor in this dress all day made me really miss Allie. Luckily we get to see her in a few weeks when we visit Utah! Well, just me and Eleanor. Clayton has to stay in school.


Brent & Andrea said...

What a good looking family! E is getting so big. Congrats on killing Michigan's largest spider ;)

Helicougar said...

Yes, if that's her prom dress then she's the queen! Let us know when you're coming to Utah! We feel like idiots for missing your farewell BBQ.

Marcie said...

love that picture of your hubby and baby, that is priceless! I don't seem to have your email, but if you e-mail me I will send you the file for that berry pic :) Thanks for the compliment:)

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