Monday, September 07, 2009

Jumpity Jump #2

Here is more of Eleanor jumping. And don't feel guilty for not watching. This is for the grandparents and, well, me. And anyone who is part of her fan club. I don't know that I would watch two minutes of someone else's baby jumping either. And there is no big ending, she just jumps for about a minute. Enjoy!


Lisa and company said...

even though I only made it half way through the second video I want you to know I am still a fan.

Ann said...

Haha! I understand how cute it is to watch little babies jump in those things! Something about Jazzy's thighs that make me stare for hours! haha. We're big fans of little E too btw!

Mark and Sarah said...

She is really so so cute. I can't believe how fast she is growing. How is your new place? It's hard to move, we know. Are you guys making some good new friends? How is clayton liking school? miss you all

Adam said...

Awe... I miss her. Oh, and you guys too.

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