Friday, September 25, 2009

Dolls Post #1

So you have probably seen these little gals all over other blogs or on Etsy. I've been wanting to make them for about six months now, but finally got around to acquiring all the stuff to make them, and finding the time. Oh! Can I just tell you? I am obsessed. I have now made eight and have two more in the works and about seventy more in my head. Such a high reward-to-work ratio. Love them. I made the four below as my first friends. From left to right that is Abby, Lucy, Allie and me. (By the way, if your name was just called, you will soon be receiving a clothespin doll. Act surprised.) I've hooked my neighbor Ann into the business and am trying to recruit my two little neighbor girls into making some too. Sophie and Nora, let's make a date.

The photo shoot didn't turn out too well as it was dark, too much flash etc...
Look for Doll Post #2 real soon!


Allison Hansen said...

Yeay! I get to be the first to say: oh. my. goodness.

Shauna said...

Seriously, Lucy is so in love with her doll. She wouldn't sleep last night until Lucy Dolly was in the crib. You are amazing, and I'm so delighted that I don't have to figure out how to make these things myself. By the way, the dress on Allie's is KILLING ME.

Ann said...

YAY!! I freekin love this! I'm so glad you got me hooked on them with you. Can't wait to see how our ballerina dolls come out!

leigh said...

So cute! I love them!

ps - I really need your address - can you send it to me on FB?

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