Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tigger Time

Eleanor is so funny. She cracks us up all the time with her newest little antics and tricks. A week ago I got a bouncing Tigger toy at a Mom-to-Mom sale. (Which are awesome by the way!) Eleanor really likes it. But after a day or so with the doll, she started acting funny when ever it started it's routine. She would stop whatever she was doing, drop to her tummy and start kicking her legs and arms. It's hilarious to us. Here, see for yourself. And don't forget to vote on her Halloween costumes too. Thanks!


Alexis said...

She is so cute - and so is that blanket she is on! Love it!

Grammy Rae said...

This video is a grandparents' dream. Nice job! She is one cute girl.

moabgirl said...

She is a grandparent's dream, as well as an aunt's! I am so glad you take the time to make all these cute is therapy for you being gone! Oh, and I voted "other". I really think you should make her a costume depicting the "Michigan" bug/creatures you have been describing. Clayton could be the exterminator! And you could be the cute homeowner (calling the exterminator) or mama bug? October 4th HURRY!

The King family said...

Marianne, I think it was Jenni that gave one of those tiggers to Abby, or it could have been Ashley. It is a cute toy. We had a lot of fun with it, too, but we never had a cute video to document it!

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