Friday, November 08, 2013

Postal Service

 For Mother's Day/ Swearing in as a lawyer, we got tickets to go see the Postal Service at Salt Air. The concert was originally scheduled for May 29th, and we dutifully drove up, only to find that Ben Gibbard had gotten sick that day and they cancelled the concert. Boo. That's ok, we had an awesome dinner at Chunga's and went to a movie instead. You just don't waste a babysitter night. Thanks, mom and dad!

The band rescheduled, so on July 13th we tried again! I was very much in the middle of my "morning" sickness phase, so I packed a purse full of Wheat Thins, and we found a spot against the banister upstairs for us to stay the entire show. It was great. It was the ten year reunion of the release of the album "Give Up", and the song "Brand New Colony" was one of the ones we used on our wedding video, so they are a special band to us. I have to admit, that we don't enjoy concerts as much as we used to. We're too old, I'm too pregnant etc... I just tend to get irritated at the bad manners of people around me. Don't get me wrong, we had a nice evening, and a great time people watching, but we nixed going to see the National when they hit Salt Lake a week or so later, and they are one of our favorite bands. I think Radiohead and Sigur Ros might be the only two we would make the effort for again, but you never know. 

Outside before the concert, it was a lovely evening. The concert hall juts right up against the southern edge of the lake. Sometimes it's dry as a bone and other times you have waves up to the shore, this night was just puddley. Salt Air is where our first official date was too. We saw Franz Ferdinand on September 28th 2005! Wow, what fun the last 8 years have been!

Aww, I love us.
 Jenny Lewis was on tour with them! For some reason I thought it'd just be Ben and Jimmy Tamberello. I was stoked that she came too, we are both fans of her band, Rilo Kiley, and she is just plain cool, and gorgeous. She was amazing and they all sounded just like they did 10 years ago.
 Our spot was pretty good, even though my pictures don't quite show it. We could see everything without straining, and I didn't throw up! Hooray! I did get a bit queasy  for the last half hour, but I ate my crackers and waited for "our" song. Of course it was the last one of the encore, but still, so so awesome.


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