Friday, November 08, 2013

Bowles Quick Visit!

 Oh my goodness. I love this family. Our sweet friends from Michigan, the Bowles, have been living in San Diego for the past year and we were lucky enough to get them for a few hours while they were on a visit to Utah. Liya and Eleanor quickly cemented themselves back together and we got a few pictures. Hilariously, the pictures of their initial reunion were so dramatic that they wrestled each other to the ground in mega-hugging. I would post the pictures, but their dresses were all over the place and I like to be a bit careful in posting nakey pictures of our little ones. Anyhow, these other ones show how happy they were to be together. I felt the same way to reunite with Kim for a few good hours of conversation!

Here is the only one without bunners showing, ha ha.
 Lovey love!
 Working on projects together.
 They had a good time playing in this bin for about 25 minutes.

 Winston wanted to be involved too, well, to an extent. He is still the age that likes to play near his friends, not with them.
OH! This just hurts. Such an awesome family! They have moved again for Justin's work and are now deep in the forests of California where Justin teaches emergency survival and stuff along with his medical work. For a doctor, he gets to do the coolest stuff with the military. 
Justin, Liya, Kim, Charlie and Michael.


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