Friday, November 08, 2013

Cristy's Baby Shower

 Cristy Diana Maria Theresa Lowe-Rose! Ok, so that's not her name, but I used to tease her as I was tickled by the idea of having so many cute names. Cristy, who often goes by Diana, was the one I went to Italy with for the first time. My old roommate from a lifetime ago was in town visiting her family and they threw her a baby shower. So fun! She has been living all over the country, lately in San Diego and Boston, so to have her in Utah was a real treat. She and her husband John are expecting a boy any day now! Julie and I drove up with Eleanor to attend her shower on September 7th. 

Eleanor (Who is wearing her puffiest slip under a dress that does not work with a slip. Pick your battles, right?) had a great time playing with other little girls at the shower, but joined us for one of the games, the Toilet-Paper Guessing Game- it's where you pass around the toilet paper roll and tear off how much you imagine will fit around Cristy's waist. Eleanor piped up that she wanted 9 squares. I don't think she knew what we were doing, she wasn't exactly paying attention, but when the roll came around, she kept demanding 9 squares. Ok. Well, guess who was the only on to be exactly on? Little E. I told them she doesn't count, but they wanted her to win, so she got the bag of chocolate almonds. Ha ha. 
Here she is hugging her prize.
 With cute Cristy!
 Old roommates all together! Diana, me, Cristy and Julie! The last time we all saw each other was at my baby shower for Eleanor, nearly 5 years ago!
 Eleanor mugging it up with Diana.
 Me and my goose.
 Another awesome surprise was getting to see Annie! She has lived in NYC, London and recently Nashville and was just super-randomly in town at the same time. I went to Italy with her too on that trip with Cristy. She is just coolest person and I haven't seen her in nearly 10 years! P.S. She is just as hot as ever, if anything, she just got better looking. Eh, what can you do?


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