Friday, November 08, 2013

Greencrest Reunion 2013

 Awwwww, oh man. I love these guys! On the first weekend in August, we had a miracle of schedules lining up. The Phillips were going to be in town from Wisconsin, Angela and her boys were in town from Toronto freaking Canada for her brother's wedding (Timmy had to be back at work, so he was the only one not able to be there) and the Oversons were able to come up from Cedar City, the Stevens from Salt Lake, the Seedall's hosted at their new home in Logan and we drove up from Provo. It was a short magical visit, but so so worth it!

They set up the projector for the kids to watch Rise of the Guardians all together. 
 Eleanor quickly reconnected with her old sweet neighbors.
Sisters Ainsley and Emmaline make an Eleanor sandwich. 
(The Stevens never technically lived on Greencrest Ave, despite our constant harassment to do so, but they were always a part of our group and all of our activities.)
 All the girls! Angela (and Bennett), me, Ashley, Lexie, Ruth and Ann. The best friends you could ever accidentally live next to! I know Heavenly Father sent us to that street to meet these people, they were the best support system during our three years at law school!
 Most of the kids!
 All? of the kids! From left: Eliza, Lauren, Wesley, Jasmine, Sophie, Miles, Nora, Winston, Maddy, Eleanor, Spencer, Benny, Zach, Bennett and my Grant. Missing is Ainsley, Emmaline and Wells.
 Group shots weren't enough for our little model, so I took a few more.
 I never get "real" smiles! Usually it's some weird closed-eye, squinting thing that she explains is her "magic face" or "superhero eyes." So it's nice to occasionally get a few normal ones in.
Lamely, I was having too good of a time to take more pictures. We had awesome pies from Mmmm? I can't remember. I'll have to ask Clayton when he gets home. Ruth made her awesome cinnamon rolls and there were countless bags and plates of goodies. It all went to fast as the Stevens had to go home early, the Phillips had to continue on with their trip etc... etc... I loved it all though, and can't wait to see any of them again!


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