Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Little Bit Of Everyday

Ok, so some catch up. The past week or two, Winston first.
Little man loves to babble, smiles at everyone, but especially Eleanor, Clayton and myself. He lights up when he hears one of us speaking or catches our eye. He recently met the little hottie in the mirror and thinks that kid is hilarious. He's beginning to drool more and more and loves to shove one or both of his fists into his mouth, sometimes along with his binkie or a bottle. He also recently discovered his feet and will hold onto both feet and kind of just rock around. It's pretty cute.

Most impressively may be that he can roll over from front to back and from back to front. He is a mover! If Clayton has an early morning he sleeps downstairs and I let Winston sleep in bed with me. However, Winston wont rest until he has wiggled his way right next to me, so I play leap-frog all night trying to make sure I don't squish him. He loves to be held and I am starting to figure out when his crying means "I'm tired." (My crying always means I'm tired. Ha ha.) Once he gets to that point a quick two minute rocking and he is out. He is a very "chill" baby and we love him to pieces.

Here he is after a bath
All ready for church lying on the sweet quilt Ruth Seedall made us. Funny story, he received three of this shirt he's wearing at his baby shower. We kept two in two sizes and passed one on to our sweet neighbor Bennett. P.S. Notice his tiny leather church shoes? Baby shoes kill me. One day Clayton was holding him and Winston started this "game" where he would stare intensely at Clayton, slowly leaning forward more and more, staring all the time, until he would finally wobble over and have to lean back to start again. Clayton called me in to get a picture.
This is another shot from that game. Miss Eleanor!
What a sweetheart she is. She has been so freaking funny lately. One of her newest tricks is pretending to whistle. She puts one of her fingers in her mouth and says "Woo-oooo-wooot!" in her highest voice. Makes me laugh every time. She loves to play outside with the neighbor kids but mainly ends up doing her own thing, rather than interacting much. She plays with others better indoors.

One not-so-great thing she does lately is tipping over the 9 month old baby girl who just moved into the Phillip's old spot. Little Abby is an early walker and Eleanor seems to have a problem with it. I think she just doesn't think she should be walking yet, as anytime she sees Abby toddling around she tries to knock her down. She doesn't do it forcibly, but she will just casually go up behind her and push her over. She does it kind of discreetly, as much as a two year old can, like by using one finger or pretending to kiss her head but just using her head to tip Abby's balance. I feel awful that she singles her out so much and do my best to prevent it. I threaten time-out and she stops, says her "sorry" but give her 10 minutes and she is at it again. Then she actually gets time out. Luckily Abby is pretty tough and her mother, Elisa, is super forgiving. From this Eleanor has learned another new trick. Saying "It was acdent, mommy." (It was an accident.) She has learned that accidents don't get you put in time out. Boy are we in trouble. Luckily, she doesn't quite realize that I'm on to her.

Another funny thing she does now is that if she does something wrong and I start to use my "parenting voice" she will tell me, "Oh! Don wuhwy, mommy. Is ok, mommy. It wiw be awight, mommy." (Don't worry, it's ok, it will be alright.) She says these in different combinations all the time. If she is really in trouble she will also offer you an imaginary cupcake from her little cupped hand. That one kills me. Her imaginary play has taken off lately and she offers me pretend things all day long, but the cupcake as peace offering is just beyond funny. Where does she learn this? I know I have an unhealthy love of baked goods, but seriously!

She knows her colors, but when you ask her what color something is she answers, "Um, his name is yewhoa." (His name is yellow.) She also knows her shapes, is much better at her alphabet (doesn't skip letters, but still adds a few syllables to "l-m-n-o", and can count to 20, but 12-20 are often a remix of sorts.

Covered in dirt from our piles outside. Ugh, but I love that she is such a little kid.
From head to toe!
Everyone passed out with dad. Awwww. Eleanor never falls asleep in cars or weird places, so it is either a real treat or a real worry when she konks out anywhere other than her crib.
Trying to wear Clayton's backpack. With a law book or two it only weighs about 68 pounds.
Did you know a good week or two of my life was spent sewing Angry Birds and Pigs for a friend's son's birthday? A friend volunteered to make them for her and asked for my help. So of course I got bossy and ended up making all of these but one. They turned out pretty cute, but I was so done with hand sewing little eyebrows onto petulant poultry.
No, I will not make any more Angry Birds.
Let's just look at this little guy one more time. Our little MSU fan!


Larissa said...

Love the update! Eleanor is really going to be such a man eater!

Aubreydoll said...

Marianne, you are a saint for making those!! I can't thank you enough!

Eleanor is hilarious, but the cupcake peace offering is truly priceless!

Ann said...

Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis said...

How cute is little Winston!!? Love the staring binky face. Eleanor is so funny and looking so big. We get to see you at Thanksgiving, right? And I can't believe you made all those angry birds! Holy Cow! They look amazing.

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