Friday, October 07, 2011

Hair First! Other stuff, like everything, later.

I am SO SO SO behind! I promise to try and catch up in the next week or two. Blogging is so hard when there is Pinterest to be pinning on! So, I need to catch up on the general adorableness of two little kiddos, Jenni's freaking fun-tastic visit and our recent trip up north to the UP.


In the meantime, I need to post today's event. No, not taking the car back into the shop because the part they just replaced last Thursday broke, and made me think the car was about to explode, although that did happen today. (Replaced the part for free under warranty. Phew!)

No. Today I got a haircut! If you know me, you understand this is a big deal. I get "real" haircuts anywhere from 6 months to 3 years apart. I'm a bit of a DIYer in all aspects of my life, including trims. Here is a before shot taken last week in the hotel in St. Ignace. Isn't Win just the cutest? But focus on my hair people! This is about meeeeee. And, this is about as good as it gets for my hair. Which isn't saying much.

This is my long hair looking as "Victoria Secret Model" as I could get it.
Here is a shot of me at Lake Superior. (Sad self portrait, more on that later when I actually post about this trip.) This is about what my hair looked like from day to day.
Not horrible, but not great.
And here it is looking it's worst. Frizzy, lots of wave, but no product (Or makeup, egads!) to make it smooth. Basically all around ew-ness. This was this how it looks air dried after a shower if I brush it out.
And here it is now! SHORT! I love it! I'm a bit worried that until I lose more baby weight, my head will look like a marble on a bouncy ball. But I need to remember that long hair wasn't exactly making me look skinny.
Here's a side view of me lovingly reading Eleanor a book. Ok, so we were playing with the self timer and I was trying to get a side shot to show the length in back that also didn't make me look like a Pelican. (Think giant chin melding into my neck. Actually don't.)
A gal in my ward cut it and she gave me exactly what I wanted. Jodie Evans, if you're interested and if you are ever in mid-Michigan needing some hair help. She's a wizard. I will post more in a few weeks so you can see how I'm doing once I have to style it myself. Fingers crossed for low maintenance.

P.S. I am lamp-lit and totally wearing makeup, good makeup, like even lipstick, in the after pictures. Never trust the internets.


Aubreydoll said...

WAY cute!!!! Every mom needs a major hair change after having a baby. You'll rock it just like you do everything else! :)

And, how freaking cute is Winston in that first picture??

The Jessee Journal said...

I love it! It looks fabulous

alison said...

So sassy, Marianne... you look beautiful!! And marble on a bouncy ball?? I think you may be a tad too hard on yourself. Winston is another freaking adorable Marianne/Clayton creation; can't wait to meet him at Christmastime!!

Jessica said...

Oh I LOVE it Marianne! And yes, Winston is super cute in that picture!

Tiff said...


LD said...

Love Love Love the haircut! Very flattering.

Melissa and Matt said...

Love the short look! I have been thinking of doing that but never get the guts. I have never really had hair above my shoulders and it scares me to try it out. Plus I'm horrible at styling my hair. You'll have to update on if it is easy to style. You look great! And super cute baby in the first picture. All smiles :).

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