Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lansing Lugnuts!

In early September we had the opportunity to attend a Lugnuts game with our friends Chad, Marissa & Corban. They are such a fun family and I've mentioned before how I have such a crush on their little Corban. He's kinda dreamy. It was so fun to take E on this kind of outing, and Winston did surprisingly well.

Family portrait!
Take two. Note Winston's baseball hat? Yeah, so it stayed on for all of two minutes, but cute!
Daddy and E.
Toddler heart-throb waving to his fans.
Sweet E.
Us again.
Chad, Marissa, C and baby girl just few weeks away at this point! I'm so behind at blogging, that she is now here!
Cute kids after the game.
Cute and happy.
At the end of the game they had an incredible fireworks display. Winston was actually able to sleep through it and I was in heaven watching Eleanor. She was so excited, it was her first time seeing real fireworks. We've only ever done the ground kind for her, and these were set off in the actual ballpark. So they were big and close. E kept turning around to yell at me "Look mommy! Look! You see this? Whoooaaah! Is so big!", laughing the entire time. I pretty much wanted to say the same things to her. It was an all around perfect evening.


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