Friday, October 07, 2011

Babies On A Hotel Bed*

*Sung to the tune of "Brothers On A Hotel Bed" by Death Cab for Cutie.

On our recent trip up north, Eleanor used Winston's pack and play for her bed, Clayton got one bed and Winston and I got another. One night Winston fell asleep and looked just like a picture we took of Eleanor on her first trip. So I took another picture.

This is the shot of Eleanor in San Diego at 2 months old.
And Winston at 3 months old in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Ok, so maybe they weren't that close, but I love that victory pose that babies do when they sleep. Have you ever tried to sleep like that? Ridiculously painful.

The blog post of Eleanor's first vacation is here. She was about a month and a half younger than Winston, but man was she chubbier! I forgot she got so rolly-poly so fast! Winston is doing great in his height and weight percentages, but gee whiz! Eleanor had the sweetest little (ha) thighs!

More to come soon! Like the actual trip post!


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