Thursday, June 02, 2011

Eleanor's Room Before & After

Remember this picture? This is a small peak at Eleanor's room the day after we moved in to our current apartment. Soon after, I painted the walls (her third blue nursery, "Why no, I don't have obsessive issues, why do you ask?") and got to decorating. I had pretty much everything and it's finally been nice to have it all together for her. Oh wait, I still haven't made curtains, well, I did for her last room (#2, scary Michigan house) but I never liked them. Since I've known this little bun in the oven is a boy, I've wanted something masculine since the room was so girly. Something to balance it out. Honestly though, I would be amazed if I tackled that before we move next year. I did put up white cardboard in the windows to cut out the light. It's super classy looking. Ha. This was the first "finished" room in our place.

So here is the "before".
And here is the "after".Ugh, the crib-skirt is completely pulled out and crooked, and I didn't notice it till after. Guess who was too lazy to fix it and take a new picture. You guessed right! I love her crib-skirt, I made it out of a few layers of blue tulle.
It's hard to see the doily garland I made. It's cute. I got the tutorial here over 2 years ago and finally made it almost a year ago. It may seem like I am getting crazy amounts of projects done lately, but honestly, I am just finishing or documenting a lot of things that I started ages ago.
The ugly clutter on her door? That would be her ribbon clip thing. She has a few. I wish I had painted the inside of the door white. Was worried at the time about the landlord caring.
Speaking of a few, here is her little lamb family. The second one to the right is her first and favorite as you can tell from the dinge-factor. Funnily enough, the one to the far left is the "daddy lamb" and the others are apparently just acquaintances.
It's hard to see (Jeesh! Could I take a decent picture ever?) but the little box is a princess and the Pea diorama I made before she was born. Princess and the Pea is one of my favorite fairy-tales. I saw this amazing little diorama a few years back and had to make my own version. It's intense folks, hand painted real-wood floors, hand cut and shaped topiaries, hand sewn mattresses... yeah, it was definitely a pre-baby project.
I am mainly blogging this now because it's been on my to-do list for months and months. I told you I don't finish projects in a timely manner. For those of you keeping track, I deep-cleaned the car yesterday! Huzzah! Today my big chore was errands. I got all of the post-baby stuff that women need. I think Clayton owes me a generic Otter-Pop for not making him buy Tucks and Maxi pads. I think I owe all of you a name-brand Otter-Pop for reading that last sentence.


alison said...

I might have taken you up on the name brand Otter Pop IF you had mentioned hemorrhoid ointment OR anti-constipation pills. On second thought, that wouldn't have even done it. Mother of 5? Ya, maybe. ;)

Are you guys really coming to the reunion or is that just folklore?

Marianne & Clayton said...

Alison- Ha ha! Oh, the things I could SO MENTION. Don't get me started on anusol and senna-s. And as a mother of 5, I think you've earned bags of Otter Pops in only good colors. (Who likes the pink ones?)

As to reunion, I wish! But no. Not sure who is spreading these wicked lies, since if people knew in advance that we aren't coming, I'm sure everyone would have agreed on having it in Michigan this year. Alas. We are both bummed to be missing it, but we will be nice and busy. Take lots of pictures!

Shelli said...

Marianne, you are too cute! All the projects you do just astound me. You have the gift of taking ordinary space and making it beautiful. That would be a fun talent to have...sigh...

alison said...


Although I would have totally LOVED to see you guys with your new guy, I'm glad to hear you'll be at home enjoying him! I'll definitely email pictures if you will!! ;)

As to the bags of Otter Pops, I have them firmly stored around my body.

Aubreydoll said...

That room looks amazing!!! Nice job Marianne!!!

And, I'll be over shortly to collect my Otter Pop. :)

Charlotte said...

I can't tell you how much I love your blog, or how sad I am at Baby Boy's timing. I'm very happy for you and all, but you're a pretty big draw at the reunion. We should have planned to have it MI.

Lisa and company said...

oh TUCKS!!!! pure joy after a baby

Katy said...

Find it funny that our daughters are both named Eleanor and they both love lambs. My Nora has quite a collection too...

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