Thursday, June 16, 2011

6 Days Overdue and What Have I done?

Well, this morning Eleanor was up at 4, so I was too. I couldn't get back to sleep and was pretty miserable. Not labor miserable, more the lack-of-labor miserable. So I waited til 8:01 AM to call my doctors office and ask about induction. They had me come in at 9:30 for a quick ultrasound, some monitoring and checks. The baby is in great shape, and I'm still not where I want to be for labor, so they weren't super jazzed about starting me. However, they did put a request in to the hospital. Basically, if there is room I get put on a list and can maybe go in. They called the hospital to check and sent me home to wait for a call..

A few hours later they called to tell me that I could try for Saturday at 1:00. If they fill up though, I am out of luck. So I am doubly determined to make this happen before then. My poor mother has to leave Monday night, and I would really love for her to see this sweet baby. After a quick trip to Target and a good nap, I headed outside and made good on my threats to mow the lawn. Here I am in all of my sweaty glory. I know, I really do glow when pregnant. Ha.
It wasn't too bad. Maybe tomorrow I can do the neighbors.
The front lawn is fairly small, but the back yard is enormous. However, once I started, I figured I might as well go for it.
Here I am all done. Hooray! Let's hope that got me dilated to a 7 or something. Ya right.
Eleanor got out the neighbor's toy mower to help with touch ups.
This week I was able to finally paint this old beauty.
Before, before, before.
After, after, after! It's a super bright green with muted silver handles. The color is from the Disney paint line: "Little Mermaid". It looks a bit aqua in the picture, but it's more of a Kelly green in person. I love it!
How are my other projects you ask? Well! Guess how many became crazily unimportant? Many! Let's review. These were things I wrote down about two weeks ago.

- Paint baby dresser. DONE!
- Take in bed sheets and bed skirt. Pinned and taken downstairs, but not sewn. Hmm. Still want to finish this one.
- Turn two Mexicali dresses to shirts. SOOOO not worrying about this one anymore. It can wait a few months at least.
- Cover a few pillows. Eh. Not urgent. Can do after baby. Unless baby takes another week, in which case I could probably do one.
- Other sewing projects. One was covering the swing cover to be unisex versus girly. Done. The other was to make a headrest that matched the baby car seat. Done. My mom finished the hand-sewing for me. So nice! There were some other things I can't even remember now.
- Clean the spare room. Done! My mom coming made this one a bit high on the list. However it is cleaner now a few days after she has been here. you got to love mothers.
- Deep clean the car. Done! This was LOOONG overdue, I was cleaning out toys that I remember putting in the car for the trip to the airport December 1st. Um, gross.
- Paint old bedroom side tables. Done! Horribly done, seriously, worst spray paint job ever, but they aren't keepers, we've had them forever and it is done!
- Steam clean the carpet. Ahhhahahahahhaha.
- Take a hospital tour. Well, I read that I just have to go to the third floor triage, I don't need the tour now, do I? We can find it. I hope.
- Get the brakes done on the car. Whoops. They aren't too bad, but we will still be getting them done soon. Just don't want to lose the car for a day at this point.
- Paint sewing desk. Done! As you can see above!
- Pack hospital bag. This is on every list I've made in the last month (I make a lot of lists) but I don't feel like I can really cross it off until it is all the way packed, which includes toothbrushes, makeup and stuff that I use everyday. So kinda?
- Recipe book. Well, I've waited forever to start it, I figure it can wait another month or so.
- Clayton's dental appointment. Check! He had his initial check up and goes in for his root canal the morning after his mom gets here.
- Eleanor's 2 year pictures. Hey, she's still two. We'll probably do this when we photograph the baby. Soooo, what. In like three more weeks? Ha.
- Sleep. Not much last night, but I have gotten a few awesome naps with my mom being here. Moms rule!

What is new on my list? Since this baby isn't coming anytime soon? I'd like to paint a mirror I got at the thrift store, possibly get a mirror cut for a frame I found at the thrift store a month ago, paint over my old peg-board (it's green, and now with the desk I have a bit too much green), sort through a box of frames and pictures, sort through my ribbon, possibly organize it and other really lame stuff like that. I even made a project for my mom. I had her crotchet me one of those baby cocoons that you see in newborn photography. Done! Go mom!

Alright. I am tired of nesting. I'm ready for the next phase. The cuddling baby phase. Let's hope my activity shakes things up and gets us going before we have to be induced. Thanks for all of the kind words and support!


romney,ashley, ainsley and emmaline said...

Poor Marianne! Iwas 7 days over with Ains and 9 with Emmaline. I totally feel your pain. I will pray extra hard for you to go into labor tonight!

Grammy Rae said...

Good luck on juggling that baby out. I'm glad to see all the projects. I love seeing what creativity you have.

Aubreydoll said...

Look at you go!! The desk looks awesome!

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