Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eleanor's 2nd Birthday Part 1

On March 12th Eleanor turned two! After a quick birthday wish in the shower? we headed to the zoo. We did the same thing last year, we figure it's a great (free in March) tradition. Here is the link to the pictures from last year- we tried to recreate a few of the shots for comparison.

The weather this year was a bit colder than last, but there were still lots of animals to see. Like the goats, who could smell our McDonald's (I know, we're awesome.) breakfast.
After visiting the goats and the donkey that, according to Eleanor, liked her shoes- ("He like my shoes!" over and over...) we went to the Lion House to warm up.
Clayton and E checking out the Red Ruffed Lemurs who can shriek louder than the most annoying car alarm.
Outside looking at ostrich or something. This is one of the shots we tried to recreate from last year.
The great part of taking 20 shots to get one to match last year's, is that you get wonderful new shots like this one. If this doesn't make you happy, you are dead inside. Or you are normal, but come on, it's pretty cute.
Last year we got to go with our wonderful friends the Oversons. As they live in Utah now we got the chance to go with our beloved neighbors the Johnsons. Here is Eleanor with her favorite neighbor (no offense to the others, but we all know where we stand) Angela, or "Ala".
And here are the rest of us, including Timmy, Grant and Zach.
If you watched the video from my last post, then you saw how crazy the Mandrills were acting that morning. We spent a good amount of time there enjoying their antics. At one point the biggest of the Mandrills decided there had been enough monkeying around (hardy har har), so he walked over and planted himself in front of me and "presented" his backside. That was all, just put his bum up to my face on the window and left it there for a good minute or two. I'm not quite sure what the message was, but I feel tickled that he picked me out to receive it. Or maybe not so much. Gross and gross.Yeah, yeah, I see you.

Clayton having a staring contest with the resident lion. It's easy to act all tough with that glass there to protect you, but that lion should watch his back in the wild.
Our little (growing as you can see) family outside with the tiger.
And our own little tiger.
Love her! Can't believe she's two!
Little Grant!
Only Zach had the roaring part down.
Back at home we tried to interest Eleanor in her presents. A few of them were left over from Christmas as she was super spoiled then, and couldn't possibly process any more toys. The same thing happened here. She opened one and was good to go.
Of course, when that one is Buzz Lightyear, what more could you want?
After present, she got her birthday "nap" (or play in her crib time) and then got up just in time for her party. That will have to be the next post!


Lisa and company said...

crazy how much they change in a year!!!! And I love your haircut! Super cute!

Ann said...

Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! So frickin funny how the monkey gave you the blue moon! Wish we could have been there with you guys! hahaha, sorry, still laughing! hehe

Aubreydoll said...

What was up with the mandrills that day??

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