Friday, March 04, 2011

High Maintenance Toddler

On our way out the door Eleanor honestly wanted to bring all of these "purses" with her. The red thing is a plastic tub I use for laundry in her room. She would rather it be her purse to hold four or five two-inch figurines around the house, so she dumps out the dirty clothes and carries it around. It's funny and it forces me to add her laundry to ours, so we let her. This day however I told her she could bring it but chucked it aside at the last minute when she wasn't looking. Oh was there ever a tantrum when she figured it out. She is much smarter than I am, I need to remember that.


Sarah said...

love it!! What a cutie! We just deal with airplanes and how many of those we can take. I guess the purses are yet to come.

Millie @ The Busy Butlers said...

Hee hee! Training early for those marathon shopping trips! So cute! And as far as I can tell, the desire to cart all the bags and figurines around and out the door doesn't subside - at least not for my 5 year old diva. ;)

Tiff said...

Happy Birthday Miss Eleanor!! I must say this Firth family has darn cute little ones!!

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