Monday, March 21, 2011

Eleanor's 2nd Birthday Part 2

We had a low-key party for Eleanor. Just our immediate neighbors over for cake and ice-cream. I made Eleanor a Jessie cake since she still loves Toy Story 1, 2 & 3 with all her heart. And I made Cookie Monster cupcakes because, well, because they were just the cutest thing ever and I wanted an excuse to make them. Eleanor "napped" right up until her guests were here and so she got to see the cake at the same time as everyone else. Right away she started saying "Loot- is Yessie!" over and over. I was pleased.
Here are the treats!
She seriously was so happy with her cake. It makes me want to make her themed food more often. Not really, but look at her sweet smile.
But then! I can't even remember what happened, but she was upset about something of life or death importance. Sweet neighbor Sophie was there to comfort her.
She perked up enough to enjoy the birthday song and candles, but you can still see tears hanging on her cheek in these photos. Too sweet. Hey- this is kind of a family portrait. Clayton, Eleanor, me and the baby poking his way into the picture.
Halfway there! Man it's a lot of work to blow out two candles!
In case you were wondering what 6+ months looks like, here ya go. It looks awesome. Kidding, I look ready to deliver, but the fun part is that I have three months to get even bigger!
Eleanor really enjoyed all the balloons (of which we have about 30 still left around the house) and opening some more of her presents.
Hew new cute baking set which is perfect as Eleanor loves spending time in the kitchen "helping" me make treats or washing the dishes.
Enjoying her new Belle doll. Belle has already been all over town with us.
She also got a little kitchen sink, a puzzle, a barbie, and a vacuum that tells you puns as you push him around. "Hey is that a jackrabbit? No- it's just a dust bunny!" Yeah, he's hilarious. We ended up shelving one last present since she was pleased as punch with her toys. So that was her big day. It's funny how I spent weeks and weeks last year thinking about and planning her 1st birthday This year I was googling Jessie cakes the day of. Until she has friends that care, her parties might just get sadder as the years go on.
And baby number 2? Yeah, he'll be lucky to get a cake.


Aubreydoll said...

Happy Birthday, Eleanor!!

Okay, but seriously? You just looked up how to do the cake the day of and just "whipped" it up?? Oh, if only...I've been thinking about Cadance's birthday party since her first one ended last year!

Sarah said...

umm.. what the heck? I might have missed the announcement or you just forgot to tell us you guys are having another baby and then I stumbled on that cute baby belly! Congrats you guys!! and you look great silly girl! and Happy birthday Eleanor!

Bob, Emily, Ellie, and Kate said...

You should make cakes for a living. Seriously though, you should. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Rylie said...

Eleanor is adorable! Happy 2nd birthday!!! That cake is adorable!! BTW I wish I looked that good 6 months prego!!

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