Monday, February 21, 2011

My Proudest Moment, Like, Ever.

Eleanor loves this book called Rotten Ralph's Rotten Romance. It's so random. I bought it years ago at the Provo library for a quarter. She like it because every picture has a thousand little things happening in the background, like a little mouse driving a car, ants on a windowsill or a lizard on a tree. She points them all out or we ask her to find them and we all have a good time.

Well, like any book that any parent has read eight thousand times, I get bored with it. So to make myself laugh I ask her things like "Who turned off the water?" or "What does the spider say?" Well, I shouldn't be surprised that one night when Clayton was reading the book and I casually throw out "What does the spider say?" she responded with what I always tell her. Which is here in the video.

Yep. The spider says "I'm Evil." I'm so glad she knows this. I am a really awesome parent!


Lisa and company said...

love her facial expression and the tone of her voice when she said it! Toddlers are the best!

Ann said...

E to the Jay here: First, I'm happy to see sir Clayton and my favorite little "E" in a video together again....(No offense Marianne) and second, I love that E's parents teach her that spiders are evil...she is so fetchin' adorable!! We miss you guys and can't wait to see the new addition later this year!!

Darin and Shannon said...

She has got to be the cutest little girl ever!

moabgirl said...

DEFINITELY proudest moment ever...job well done!

Regirlfriend said...

In order for this to be as widely popular as it should be, people need to understand Marianne's debilitating and life-defining phobia of arachnids.

E is a gem and a wonder.

Larissa said...

Is this kind of adorableness even legal? Thanks so much for sharing - I'm glad I have a way to keep up on you guys even though you are far, far away!

Aubreydoll said...

Now THAT is hilarious!!

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