Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Last of Utah

Would you believe this is the last post about our Utah trip? Good mother I am awful at blogging. Well, we had a lot of snow while we were there. Little E made her first big outing into it while at my brother's house. Tom and Allie were out shoveling and Eleanor wanted to help.

Here she is all bundled up. You probably can't see in this picture, but the gloves she had on don't have thumb sections, they are basically a glorified sock and it confuses her to no end. This proves to be a problem later on.
The girls working hard. I don't know if you can see Tom on the porch, but he is wearing his usual snow gear of a t-shirt and shorts. Half the time he is in flip-flops as well, but it was pretty deep out there.
After wielding the heavy metal garden-spade, we traded E for a nice plastic broom.
Soon after this she went exploring. I could follow her by the trail of hats and gloves she left behind. She got way over on the far lawn and fell down- hands first. Being only one, she didn't quite know how to right herself so she was stuck there with her hands in the snow. I quickly went to help her out and in scooping her up I did this.
Yep. Scratched her poor, sweet little face. The band-aid stayed on for all of two minutes and she now has a little scar nearly two months later. Good job, Marianne.
One of the best things we did in Utah was go to a matinee of Tangled. I was a little unsure how she would do for two hours at a movie, but oh my gosh. She freaking loved every second of it. She didn't blink the whole time. She sat perfectly on my lap or standing, clutching the seat in front of her the entire movie. It was a hit. It made me deliriously happy to watch her watching it for some reason.
Our long visit was sadly at an end all too soon. This next picture makes me teary if I look at it too long. Little E with both sets of grandparents. She is one loved little girl!
This last picture was taken when we were back in Michigan. I had to include it to show what an amazing hair-dresser I am. I butchered sweet E's bangs on accident. To be fair, it is very hard to cut hair to start with, I have no training and she is a wiggly one year old. See the above photo for comparison. I was upset at first, but luckily she is cute enough to pull it off á la Gidget, and it has given me more time between trims- so we might be seeing this look more often. It's only a matter of time before I break out the bowl.


Aubreydoll said...

Not the bowl! Anything but the bowl!!

Speaking as someone who has first-hand experience with a bowl cut (and no, I was not as young and cute as Eleanor), she will NOT thank you for it later!

LD said...

I think her bangs look adorable. And I remember feeling exactly the same way when we took Z to the theatre for the first time and she loved it, I'm not sure why it causes those emotions, weird.

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