Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!
About two months ago I took a bunch of pictures of Eleanor to stage her Valentine's day card. I saw the idea last year on this blog, but Eleanor was too little to try it out, so we've been waiting patiently for her to be big enough to pose it. She is still a little small, the only way I could get her to hold out the lollipop is by asking for a lick. And I would really have to lick it each time, otherwise she would stop offering it. A lot of the shots were fuzzy. You need the hand holding the lollipop to be close to the camera, so a lot of these didn't work. Here were some of the best.

Fun fact: I made this little dress for Allie and now it's been handed down to Eleanor. Which is good, since I've made barely anything for her. Poor girl, well, not really.

After the photos were taken, I played with them on Picnik.
Which is like mini-photoshop for free.
This Valentine has made the rounds again this year on all of the blogs, so you will probably be seeing it from a few different people.

Here is the finished product! We still have a bunch more to hand out a playgroup this week.


Aubreydoll said...

So cute! Can't wait to see it in person!

Grammy Rae said...

Very cute idea!! She is so cute.

Sarah said...

That is awesome!! and so so cute! I might have to steal it next year :)

jen said...

Love cute!

Allison Hansen said...

Guess what?! I did the same thing for Sophie's class valentines this year! Too funny! E's turned out adorable, I gotta say.

Ruth said...

Sweet little Eleanor! I can't see her tongue sticking out without cringing still after last summer's tongue incident.

Larissa said...

Oh my word. I cannot get over how darling these photos are!

Rylie said...

I love these!!! What a cute idea!! Eleanor is growing up sooo dang cute!

King Lady said...

We LOVED the cards. Thank you so much! I'm so scared to see Eleanor in real life again because she's changing and growing faster than I can believe. sniff.

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