Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Daily Eleanor Bits

Almost caught up! I know, right? Today's post is just a few cute shots of Eleanor. Our local grocery store is Meijers. It has two big draws for Eleanor, the giant wall of fish tanks and Sandy the mechanical horse. I try to avoid the fish tank for as long as I can, otherwise we will be stuck there for an hour or more. My brilliant idea is for them to have an attendant and a few leashes tied to the wall. You can check in your kid for a $2 an hour or something, tie them to the fish wall and go finish your shopping. Everyone is happy, right? Well, we do ok avoiding the fish wall until the end of our trip and if we make it that far, and if Eleanor is good, and if we happen to pass it, we go for a ride on Sandy. Sandy cost 1¢. A penny for a ride! And I love that good Samaritans leave pennies there so you rarely even have to scrounge in your purse for ten minutes to find one.

Here she is riding Sandy at the end of a recent shopping trip.
See how ecstatic 1¢ makes her? Money can buy happiness. Lately, our only reason to go to the grocery store is to buy more brownie supplies. Eleanor is at a fun "helping" age. She likes to pour and stir, but mostly to taste. I was all "No, no- raw eggs!" for about a minute before I figured, "Eh".
Notice she has both spatulas? I give her a little one to help but she quickly commandeers both.
And it's totally worth it. Look at her!
P.S. Any treats made by me lately may or may not have Eleanor germs. They bake out, right?
And here are a few video clips of Eleanor counting. She can count up past 15, sort of, six gets back in the mix after 13, but she can do a solid one to ten if you aren't holding a camera. Durr. This rambles a bit, so it's mainly for me and the grandparents. Eleanor is very into arranging things right now. She will take a handful or armful of similar toys and line them up in different rooms throughout the house. Here she is with her bath ducks and frogs. I just noticed she is arranging them by color then species in this video. Ahh, a little biologist. Or maybe a future compulsive hoarder or something.

This is on a different day with different "toys". Not sure why we chill so much in our bathroom. Hmm. Anyhow, I vow to get her counting to ten on video someday!


Regirlfriend said...

I would eat Eleanor germs. They don't have to bake out.

LD said...

She's a freaking genius! She seems too young to be counting to ten. I give you a full 10 on the mommy-meter for teacher her to count and letting her help make brownies!

Phill and Tiffany said...

She is so stinking cute and so smart. I can't believe how big she has gotten!!!

Shelli said...

We watched the second one twice because Jed was laughing at E Say, "uh-oh!" We'll probably watch it again too! What a smart cookie she is. And entertaining!

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