Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yellow Slide, Happy Girl

We have some really nice parks here in East Lansing. One is a short 5 minute walk from our house so I try to take Eleanor there often. Ok, so I mean to take Eleanor there often. Luckily we have so many fun neighbor kids to play with and their backyards are like mini parks, so we are outside a lot. But back to the park, it's great. Eleanor loves it and is learning about slides. She still needs a little help on the set up, but she really enjoys the pay off.
Here are some pictures from a recent visit.

She is kind of a slide hog. Once she gets to the bottom she usually tries to climb back up, keeping the next child from going down. We are trying to teach her about turns and sharing. So far she isn't really getting it. She might hand you a cookie, but she expects it right back. She'll catch on soon enough, right?


Aubreydoll said...


Ashley said...

Eleanor is so cute! and hilarious! and haven't seen your blog in a little while and I am sitting here laughing to myself. I especially love her hiding things in wierd places. Classic. I also love her adorable pig tails and her in that black dress. So Cute!

Shelli said...

No fair! This park looks way fun!

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