Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Happiness

We are behind on the blog, but we are finally a little more organized around the house. And I just got Eleanor's first year scrapbook done! I did a photobook using Snapfish and was thrilled with how easy it was. I can't wait until it gets here! This post is to catch up on a few weeks of candid pictures and odds and ends.

Have I mentioned that I love Spring? With the nicer weather we have been living outdoors, playing with all of our neighbors. Have I mentioned how much I love our neighborhood? We have the coolest neighbors and just love them all to death. Sadly we are losing the Oversons in less than a month, but I can't really address that or this will become a huge downer of a post. Seriously though, it's gonna suck. Moving on. Here are a bunch of shots from the past few outings and what not, in no particular order.

Eleanor enjoying the neighbor's sandbox turtle. She loves crawling on or in these things, we need to find one on Craigslist soon.
Eleanor riding the neighbor's little toy bikes...
Eleanor bathing in the neighbor's soda. Ok, so I provided the soda, but it was for the neighbor kids, not Eleanor. This one was leaking out the side and she was thrilled to soak it up. Mom, not so much.
Her cute, best friend Jasmine. We are going to miss her sweet face around here!
Miles is always such a sweetie to Eleanor.
And he is so photogenic.
Zach and Miles in a sweet albeit short moment.
Eleanor's new favorite snack is string cheese. Just thought you should know.
Making mom nervous with her balancing act. Today she was doing this and sneezed. It caused her to fall back on her head, but she was up and trying new, dangerous things in no time.
Zach and his girl Lauren. Two peas in a pod.
Eleanor adoring the Ruth's sweet new baby boy.

And next we have a few of E's latest deeds.

Back indoors, why can't I get the fridge to close?
Grilling (and growling) on our new (used) grill. Eleanor loves to watch Clayton cook. She knocks on the glass until he looks at her then giggles at whatever he does.
Growling back at dad.
See my vampire bites? Eleanor accidentally hit me with a bottle of lotion and it made two little blood blisters. Hurt like a mamma jamma. Sorry for the awkward closeup.
Eleanor has taken to hiding stuff around the house. I find things in the funniest and most frustrating spots. Keys, controllers, snacks, I-pods etc... Hair bow? In the water bottle case.
Cell phone? I can hear it ringing. Where the devil is it? Look closely. Yeah. It's in with the pans under the stove. That one only took half a day to find. Shoes are her latest favorite thing to carry around and misplace.
And finally her go-to expression when she is making mischief or having fun. A face this cute gets away with anything and everything.


Ann said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post!! TOO FUNNY!! Welcome to the world of "How did this get here?!?". Love it! Kids are so fun. We don't know what we are going to do without so much of the support we get around here. There won't be this many kids around every day where we are going. :( UGH!!! Anyway. Your "awkard" close up....HOT! Just sayin':)

Lisa and company said...

wowswers those are some nice lips!!!!
(the baby is pretty cute too)

The Busy Butler Family said...

Man, she's adorable! And just wait until she really doesn't want you to find something. Caroline hides things now that she knows I don't want her to mess with. It's great fun (like when she hid my manicure scissors on her bunkbed and used them to snip bits of her own hair. lovely.)

And, btw, I totally never answered your question about my blog headers. I do them myself at

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