Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter-y Good Times!

Today we gave Eleanor her Easter basket! We decided to do it today since she had a big egg hunt to attend. Might as well get all the excitement and candy done in one day so tomorrow we can be slugs and watch conference in our pajamas. She doesn't quite get the whole hidden bit, so we just set it in front of her.
She really liked her new sippy cups.Today our fun neighbor Lexie organized a great Easter egg hunt for our block. Everyone brought filled eggs for the kids and we then we had a potluck brunch. We had two egg hunts, one for the little crowd and one in the yard over for the older kids. It was perfect. Perfect weather (The forecasted rain held off til afternoon!), lots of friends and just enough activity for our wild bunch. (And then some seriously good brunch food, just saying.) As you can see, Eleanor had a great day. Here are a bunch of shots of her and her friends. I will post the video a little later.
Here is Eleanor showing her friend Leah her loot.
Lauren showing off her basket. She is so cute!
Jasmine, Lauren and Zach posing for the camera.Little Josh taking his eggs for a spin.
Miles! He is always so happy!Little Grant! Could he be sweeter?
The older kids seem to be ready for a nap after their grueling search. And then there are these guys.
Happy Easter everyone!


The Jessee Journal said...

You sound like you live in an ideal neighborhood! Always someone (with kids) to do things with!

Grappy Dale said...

Her smile while on the slide is the cutest. She is definitely a charmer. Happy Easter! (It says Dale, but it is Grammy Rae.)

Bob, Emily, Ellie, and Kate said...

So fun. I love how she is about the same size as her basket. Dang cute girl you have there. Seriously, dang cute!

Aubreydoll said...

So, that sippy looks familiar! Is it one of the sippy's I posted about a few weeks ago? (Wow, do I have nothing better to blog about??)

Happy Easter!

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