Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eleanor's First Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Eleanor got to celebrate Valentine's Day a bit early at playgroup. She stayed up late making little candy filled hearts to give out to her friends. That baby is awesome with a glue gun.

Tear it open to find the treats! I was going to sew them closed with a cute red zig-zag stitch around the outside, but my machine was acting all wonky that night. Just as well, it would've taken forever. Gluing took long enough as it was. The ones we saw on the blog were stapled. If I could remember where I saw them I would add a link. Oh well. Sorry blogworld.
Playgroup is for anyone that wants to come. It's at the church building every Thursday at 10:30, which sadly, is a challenge for us to get to. The Firths are still not early birds. However, I make a point to try and go as Eleanor LOVES to play with the other kids. Even if it is just watching them run amok in the gym.
This week Aubrey had all kinds of things planned for the kids. Like decorating cupcakes. I'm not sure what had made E cry in this picture, but it was too cute to not include. Can you see the streaks? It's killing me.
Luckily she cheers up quickly.
Here she is trying to taste one of her Valentines.
And here we see her flirting with Cohen. Cohen and his brother Eli are some of the many hottie toddlers in our ward. Seriously. I have her betrothed in my mind to about 17 little boys. But don't you kind of secretly dream of them meeting again at BYU in about 20 years and finding out they were in Michigan at the same time? And then getting married a year or two later and then we'd get to be in-laws with super-fun friends from way back? Are you with me? Or am I as psycho as this is sounding?
Lollipops, her new-found love.
Which brings us to actual Valentine's Day. It was a low-key Sunday for us. I had to teach that day in RS and we don't eat out on the Sabbath so... Luckily our neighbors invited us over for dinner, as I hadn't really thought that far. Oversons rule! I had only thought about treats. Like the box of Sees that my dad gives me every year. He sent it special this time and included a chocolate pop for Eleanor. We put her in a bib and let her go at it.
I think she likes it.
Thanks Grandpa!
The other Valentine that Eleanor sent was to her grandparents. I almost didn't include this because I am stealing an insanely cute idea from a friend and didn't want to blog all about it and have her have to see everyone and their dog doing it next year. So, thanks and sorry Shauna. I couldn't resist trying it. Ours is a pale imitation of hers. Hers was a confectionery delight of dreamy happiness and sweet. Ours is cute. My photography skills are embarrassing. Anyhow, give credit where credit is so due!
And here it is made into a Valentine for the Grandparents.


Marissa said...

Cute! I love the hair!

Shauna said...

I love your heart hair! She somehow looks like Cindy-Lou Who to me in that picture.

Your Valentine's Day festivities are making me feel insanely guilty for doing absolutely nothing to celebrate. Poor Lucy needs a more festive mom.

Alexis said...

Love the hair! So cute. It reminds me of the time I had my mom braid my hair into a heart on top of my head.... but I was in the 5th grade! What a dork (me - not Eleanor).

Grammy Rae said...

This was so much fun. I'm sure her grandparents absolutely loved those valentines and all the fun pictures.

Ann said...

haha. That's right! O'Doyles rule! Er...I mean Overson's rule! And never forget it. haha. Cute little Eleanor and her faces! I can't get enough!

Lisa and company said...

eleanor is so precious.

Charlotte said...

You have to be the best mom in the world. And maybe we're both psycho, because I always fantasize about Damon meeting one of his old friends from MI or MA at BYU and falling in love, and then we get to have best friends for in-laws, etc, etc, etc.

The Jessee Journal said...

She is definetly channeling some WhoVille! I love it. And I'll try my hardest not to copy it next year ... but I make no promises ;)

LD said...

Holy Cow Super mom!!! I am pretty sure we skipped V-day this year, when was it?

I love the heart-hair do, that rocks!

Aubreydoll said...

Loved the Valentine hearts that you made, so cute and creative! And that hair style is awesome, I might have to copy it next year when Cadance actually has some hair!

Jamie said...

You kill me!! I would love for my boys to meet with a cutie like Eleanor at BYU in 20 years ;) Love the hair by the way!

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