Saturday, February 06, 2010

Who Wants More Eleanor? Trick Question!

Trick question. Everyone wants more! Ok, so maybe only grandparents, me and C need the almost daily viewing of some of the 8000 shots we've taken of Eleanor. But that is what the blog is for, so if you're here, then this is what you are getting.

Just a few quick shots of Eleanor after her bath. She's so cuddly and sweet for about 90 seconds and then she is off like a shot. You can enjoy the cuddling and then chase the naked baby, or try to get a diaper on during your window of opportunity. Here are some shots of the cuddly girl.
Why is it so funny to me that she looks progressively stoned in these shots?
"Heeeyyyy maaaannn."
Pretty baby.
And then you get this, which is also good in its own way.
GOOD CHUB, she is pinchable!

I've tried repeatedly to catch Eleanor outside when it is raining or snowing. She loves it. She opens her moth really wide and or sticks out her tongue to taste what's happening in the air. It's so funny to watch. Here she is the other day as we loaded up to go inside.
Sorry for all the gushing, but I can't help it. She is still the center of the universe.


Grammy Rae said...

Those thighs are adorable, okay the tushie isn't too bad either. You can keep bringing the pictures. There are some nonfamily members who are enjoying them.

moabgirl said...

Don't apologize and don't slow down with the pictures. She is growing up so fast and has so much personality! Love love love her. And you of course too. Miss you.

Mark and Sarah said...

That naked bum is just to die for!! What a babe!

Aubreydoll said...

I say cuddle when you have the opportunity, they're few and far between!

And Bauer and Cadance are totally the center of our universe, Eleanor should totally be the center of yours!

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