Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mending Hearts

Sorry about yesterday. Update: We are still sick here today at stupid-sick house. Shout out to my awesome neighbors for taking such good care of us! I hope that we are better by Sunday, but I'm thinking I might be a tad optimistic here. The good news of being sick is, of course, say it with me ladies: "Losing weight without trying!" Yay! Um, no. I stepped on the scale expecting pre-wedding numbers only to see that I have lost two pounds. Two pounds? TWO POUNDS!?!? I have two pounds of kleenex in every trash in every room of this house! How is that possible? Ugh! I should have abs of steal from all the coughing alone, but alas. Durr. Enough of my ranting. Lets talk blogs. P.S. I want an invite to yours. Moving on.

The super-sad shots of Eleanor from yesterday's post were breaking my heart so I took some more last night. She was being super adorable around 11 PM after sleeping for most of the day. As seen here. I was trying to catch a shot of her bouffant hairdo from her coma-nap. It was classic.
Yes, she and I have been living in our pajamas. I'm cool with it, I hope you are too.
Something is sure keeping her distracted, must be the constant showing of zoo/baby shows that we find for free on the OnDemand section of Comcast. Eleanor crack.
TV off, she starts to focus on me and warm up. Then she decides...
...that this is her brand new "smile" when I take her picture. What the what? Where did this come from? Why is she so funny?
Just giant, opened mouth glee for the camera. Ok then. I'll take it.
Super pretty baby girl. Man I want to hug this picture.
And more of this. Seriously. She has more personality in her little toe than half of Hollywood combined. Love her!
I'll post the video tomorrow.


alison said...

Sorry you guys are sick; that stinks! Gabe has bronchiolitis 2 winters ago... not fun!! (And it took me 'til no. 4 before i'd ever heard of it.) That doctor sounds SCARY ... and his office, too. Hope you find an attentive, able dr. with a gorgeous office (or at least a scale, for crying out loud!)
These pics remind me of Natalie. Both beautiful nieces!

Aubreydoll said...

That girl is so dang funny! Glad to see a smile on her face (and, again, love the hair!)!

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