Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Week!

Just a few shots of our cutie being cute. New exciting topic, I know. And an update on what E has been up to this week. Valentine's will be the next post.
See this nice, new big-girl car seat? Eleanor got to use it for the first time yesterday when we went to pick up Clayton from school. On the trip home she made sure we can't return it. Little Eleanor exploded all over. Vomit like she has never produced before (and hopefully not for a long time again) all over her brand new chair, the back seat, the floor and even Clayton. Everywhere. And not cute baby spit up. No. Big kid bleeeechhgh. So. Very. Gross. Clayton took her straight up to the bath while I started cleaning it up in the car. It was a bigger job than I anticipated. Every time I picked something up I found new puddles of sick. It took the blanket that was already in the car and four towels to get it all. Ugghhh! Leather seats? Of course not. Nice soft cushy fabric to soak it all up. This picture is after everything got "clean". I don't think it will ever be really clean again. Yuck. I still need to clean it again. Durr.

In other cleaning news, Eleanor's new favorite pastime is helping mom with the dishes. She's always been a permanent fixture in the kitchen whenever I am doing anything, constantly underfoot. So I brought in a chair and put her next to me thinking it might be easier on me and more fun for her. Please ignore my hair, my sweats and the mess, and focus instead on HOW SMALL MY KITCHEN IS! I want sympathy on this one folks. No dishwasher, ok. But NO DISPOSAL EITHER! Boo hoo hoo.
But look at how happy she is to be "helping". And by helping I mean getting completely soaked and dropping every third item on the ground.
And a few tongue shots for the road.
You can see her top teeth in this picture. She has eight total now, all in various stages of growth. Six on the top and her two on the bottom. We thought that was what was making her a bit cranky this week, but now she has a full-fledged cold/flu. Good times.
This is promising to be a week where we need a grandma. And it's only Tuesday. Heaven help us.


Charlotte said...

Good land, E is cute. I'm sorry about the kitchen with no dishwasher and no disposal. I've been there and don't want to do it again.

Matt and Melissa said...

I so understand the gross throw-up in the car! Eli use to do that all the time. If he drank anything too fast he threw up. I think he had an easy gag/puke reflex. It's so hard to get that smell out of the car. Good luck!

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