Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ward Christmas Party!

Twas the night before Christmas, well, that was the theme anyways. It was actually twenty nights before Christmas. Everyone in the ward wore their pajamas to the ward party and had breakfast for dinner. It was a fun night for Eleanor, lots of kids present. Sadly, Clayton had a finals review class and couldn't make it. Here are a few pictures.

These are our friends EJay and his daughter Lauren. EJay busted out his footed pajamas.
In a sweet cloud motif to boot. I didn't get a full body shot, but I think it's just as well. Another law student, Dusty, was also sporting a full-zipper, footed pajama. Those boys.
Lauren is such a cutie.
This is Aubrey and her little Cadance. She has the brightest smile! Cadance and Eleanor are hallway buddies. During church meetings we usually end up in the hall so these girls do not disturb the classes. The "under one" set aren't as reverent as you would hope.
Cute Angela and Zach.
And my sweet, standing Eleanor in her Christmas pajamas.
Her favorite part of the night was playing in the back of the room. She would sit and watch the kids running or try to crawl after them. Every few laps a group would stop and talk to her. I love how kids love "babies".

This is her "Scarlett O'Hara at the picnic" moment.
"Now boys, don't you fight over who gets to bring me my brownie."
Mom still a bit of a dork? Check.

More catch up posts if I find the time. We fly to Utah Friday morning, and I have a ton to do. I can't wait to enjoy the holiday season with our family!
(Nothing will derail our Holiday! -That's for Megan and Jenni.)


Megan said...

Ok that is so funny, my mom said that EXACT phrase to me just yesterday "nothing will derail our holidays" just as I was complaining to her about something! So true though, get ready for the best holiday ever...EVER beginning friday!!

King Lady said...

The Scarlett comparison is spot on, yo. HILARIOUS.

Aubreydoll said...

Once Cadance starts crawling those two will really be a handful! Love the "Scarlett" picture!

Camels East said...

PLEASE tell me someone wore something not-so-church-worthy to the party.

Your baby girl is getting SO big! You are one hot mama!

Merry Christmas!

leigh said...

hey marianne,

i'm lame and i can't find your address but i wanted to send you a christmas card. can you email it to me (or fb)?

Ninny Beth said...

that baby is so cute, I'm going to barf! Can't wait to see you kids when I get back to the motherland! xoxoxo

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