Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reminder, Keep Doors Closed

Hey.... Eleanor?Eleanor! *
Yes Mom?
I was on the phone and on the computer (I know, nice.) while Eleanor was a few feet away in the kitchen playing. Or so I thought. Nope. She had made her way into a normally closed bathroom to find a whole new source of fun. One we had been hiding from her. Also, notice the plug in the wall there? It is her job to unplug it. That's probably dangerous or something, but luckily she just knocks it down, then leaves it alone. From the plug, you can tell these pictures are a little out of order. I actually found her before I looked in the bathroom.
It's so tasty. Paper, paper, paper. E loves paper. Kleenex, toilet paper, dad's homework (Not even kidding about that one.) or anything.
Notice the Huggies box she has been chewing on?
Bad baby. Just look at that rebellious expression. Oooh.
Yes. All is forgiven.
* P.S. Our vinyl floors are so dinged up that they never look clean. And I do clean them since Eleanor plays on them a ton. I just need to clear my good name. My good name in cleaning that is, not parenting obviously. Who lets her daughter chow down on toilet paper while finding a camera? Just me.


Marcie said...

I most def. would have let her eat tp in order to get pictures like that :)

alison said...

I'm glad you captured that moment, Marianne... too cute!! Gabe has figured out how to open our doors (with knobs) in the last few days, so I think we're really in for it now. :[

Clayton said...

You will notice that the monitor is plugged in while she is cramming the TP in her mouth, then it is mysteriously unplugged. It is amazing that she will find a way to unplug that thing even when she is busy being mischevious in another way.

Camels East said...

Ahhh... the multitasking begins!

It reminds me of the baby in "Series of Unfortunate Events," where she's dangling from her teeth off of the dining table.

Bean is the same way, but she chews and spits the offending item in another location. So. Gross.

BTW... Could you have MADE a cuter baby? Sheesh. She's like a pixie and fairy queen all rolled into one.

Aubreydoll said...

That is hilarious, and I totally would've gotten the camera, too!

And Clayton wonders why his professors only get half of the papers he's written...

Lisa and company said...

she seriously couldn't be any cuter!!!

LD said...

Does Clayton use the excuse that his baby ate his homework?? I doubt that one works.

Grammy Rae said...

She is such an imp. What wonderful faces you captured.

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