Tuesday, December 15, 2009

At What Age Should She Get Her Own Line?

Eleanor is cracking us up yet again. Today she got a hold of my phone and started chatting away. I had no idea she knew this "trick" as we've never let her have either of our phones before. The video at the end of this post is her laberlaberlaberlaberlabering away.

She is picking up new things every day. I need to keep better track of her milestones. Some of our favorite little things of late are:

Shouting, seriously shouting, at the top of her little lungs, to Clayton when he is upstairs studying. She will stand at the baby-gate at the bottom and just holler away. It's so funny to me. Every now and then she will do it when he is gone, and when I tell her he is gone, she will give me the funniest angry, confused look. She is very aware of her daddy.

She can play pattycake. She can't clap yet, but she can kind of roll her arms, which seems harder to me, but whatever. At the end when you throw up your hands, she throws them straight out like a zombie. Cute.

Mimicking different sounds. If she hears something high pitched on tv or in real life she will use her "high" voice to copy it. One time someone on tv started crying and she starts in with her version of it. It sounded like she was mocking them. Can that count as her first cynicism too? Not yet?

She will copy me making animal sounds. For a cow she just hums.

She also likes to sing, but only to certain types of songs. A lot of Christmas songs have been hits with her in the car. She also likes to "sing" a long note if the car goes through a bumpy part of the road. Our car shudders a bit between 43 and 50 MPH (awesome) and she likes to hear her voice vibrate.

Cruising around the house. Along the walls and furniture. This isn't really new. As soon as she could crawl, she could stand up. And like a day later she started moving along whatever she had pulled herself up to. The baby proofing never ends.

She can also climb up a full flight of stairs, (we stand right behind her) but she has no idea how to go over or down a step, so that is a bit of a problem. When on the bed she will just take off over the side with no fear about the outcome.

She will eat anything you give her. She loves goldfish, puffs, cheerios etc... I'm also sorry to say that she really loves french fries. Probably the only thing that she has a problem with is that horrid baby-food meat. Ham in a jar? If it tastes anything like it smells, then I don't blame her. Has any one's kid liked this stuff?

She likes to play with my trims and ribbons. She will sit in front of the full length mirror and pull them over her head and look at herself. Ahh. Vain just like her mommy.

She also tries to put clothes on by pulling them over her head. Over and behind her head, I should clarify. It's really cute.

She loves kids and will stop whatever she is doing if she hears kids on tv. (See Gap ad below.)

She still gives really nice open mouthed kisses, but is getting better, ie: drier.

She can say "Hi" at the appropriate times. She can also say dadda and momma.

She can wave hello or goodbye, just never when you are actually arriving or leaving.

And a whole mess of other things I can't think of right now. Right now she is asleep in her crib. Face down and to the side, knees tucked under and her bum in the air. It's like she took a course on how to be freakishly adorable and aced it.

Here is the video.
P.S. The text was from my niece Megan.


Ann said...

She totally aced the freakishly cute test! UGh! I can't stand it! Love her!!

Megan said...

I was totally inspired to text you right then! YAY! I made your blog! You just made my day 2 days in a row!

Matt and Melissa said...

Those stories are so cute! I love that age. I love the talking on the phone. Kids pick always pick up on that so fast.

Aubreydoll said...

So cute!! I can't believe she's only a month older than Cadance and she does all those things already! I better prepare myself for my little girl to grow up quite a bit in the next few weeks... :)

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