Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Was A Long Time Ago

We had a lovely fall here in Michigan. It stayed warm and dry much longer than we could have hoped for. And for that, I am thankful. I have a truckload of pictures, but will edit them down to a few so as not to overload. I've put off posting a bunch of them because I keep meaning to ask my neighbors if I can put pictures of their kids on my blog. I still haven't asked. I'll just throw them up without names and take them down if they refuse when I finally do ask them.
That should work, right?

The first few pictures are from a day of raking leaves. The leaves here in Michigan are crazy! I've never lived anywhere that has a city-wide leaf pickup program. I should also note that I actually didn't rake any, except onto children. That kinda counts. No?

I love how kids will jump in leaf piles and excitedly ask to get "buried". All I can think of is, "Spiders, spiders, spiders." You could not pay me to lie down in a giant pile of leaves.
For Thanksgiving, our awesome neighbors the Oversons hosted a big get together. We have five families on our block that are members of the same ward. None of us went anywhere for the holiday, so we all chipped in and made one incredible feast of food goodness. Two of us made turkeys so we would have lots of left overs. Here I am presenting mine. I was so glad I didn't ruin it or send anyone to the hospital.
Clayton got to carve. Note he grew a "study beard" for a while. He finally just shaved it all off. It was fun for a while to have a mountain-man around. Or maybe more of an indie rock band-man.
Our little family on Thanksgiving. By the way. I need help with my hair. If I'm not really careful, it ends up making me look like Toadette or Jasper from Twilight.
Both are looks I am not going for.
Sweet Eleanor loves the action of a house full of people.
The Johnsons. Two of the happiest people alive. They're like this all the time.
Their littlest one with his Indian head gear. The moms (not me) organized fun Thanksgiving-themed crafts to keep the little ones occupied during the day. Gum-drop turkeys, Indian head gear and vests and pictures to color. With 9 little ones among us, the activities were very helpful.
And the Johnson's other cutie being squooshed by me. It's hard not to squeeze him. He is so adorable and fun.
Clayton loves this guy. He is uber active all the time, which for some reason just cracks us up.
Another cute Indian.
And another. This one loves to hold our Eleanor. We wish she was a bit older so we could pay her to babysit.
This little Indian will have trouble hunting.
A few more little Indians didn't hold still long enough for me to catch them on film, and one was topless, (Guess who, neighbors.) so she didn't make the blog. Oh well.
The food was spectacular and I can't even talk about the pies. After dinner, all the grownups played a game of "Celebrity" while the kids watched a movie. It was a great, great day!


Alexis said...

That was a fun day! I love all the pictures you posted.. I don't mind if you post pics of my kids (my blog isn't private so I figure it doesn't matter) Hmmmmm.... I don't remember any topless Indians - but my guess would be Eliza!! :)

Megan said...

Ok love the beard, tell Clayton he better start working on one for Christmas,he will be the live Sid (remember his rock band character?!) and me and my dad will dress up as our characters! I will get a plaid jacket and a gold chain belt, it will be so great!

Megan said...

Also, I like your shirt!

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