Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving in Arizona!

Clayton and I flew down to Phoenix to visit his sister Valerie, her husband Sam and their three boys: Caleb, Lucas and Tate. Clayton's brother Tyler and his wife Rachel drove up from San Diego so we had a great time with family. Dinner was great, thanks to Jim and Sharon (Sam's folks) for hosting the big day. It was fun to get to know Val's sisters in law on that side too. We got to spend 6 whole days down there so there is a lot I could blog about, but I'll keep it brief and mainly to the boys. Clayton brought down his Wii and so this is what we saw a good portion of the time. This is Tate, Tyler (a cousin on Sam's side) Lucas and Caleb engrossed in Mario Party.
Here are Lucas and Clayton in a brief reprieve from the wrestling action.
Tate is just about the cutest thing ever. He may be looking a little a bit tired in this shot, but trust me- no one has more energy than him.
On Monday night the boys and Val set up the tree while the rest of us watched. (Too many cooks, you know, alright so we were just lazy.) When you ask anyone in this family to pose, this is what you get.
And here is Clayton with the most lovable dog on the planet. He and his brothers and sisters have gone on for ages about their old dog Scotty. Smartest, nicest, cleanest dog etc...etc... Bear is the same breed and has been well trained. Now, I have never been a huge dog person. I like them, but can do without. Not anymore. I want this dog. He is heaven. He is the only dog I can pet without feeling like I have to wash my hands soon after. He cuddles, he comes when called, he goes outside, he lets Tate give him long and hilariously meaningful hugs. This dog is a joy to be around. They can leave him at home without worrying that he will eat up all the shoes or leave surprises on the carpet. I could go on but I am sure I am boring you all. Bear rules, and someday we will have a dog of this breed. Just hope I can train him as well. By the way, Tate added the cowboy hat. They aren't really the dress up your dog type.
And here is Tate again. He is just so cute. I barely saw Caleb and Lucas the whole week due to the Wii and their other cousins being in town. I love that it took them four days before they stopped in front of me and Lucas said "So, do you have a baby in you or what?" After that Tate was my new best friend, touching and talking to my tummy. Normally I slap away hands that touch me. I'm just not big on the whole touching thing that pregnancy brings. But Tate could do whatever he wanted. I love that I left the room and a few hours later Tate asked if the baby was out yet. I wish little man.
We also got to go see Betsy, Jay and little baby Spencer. He is adorable and freaking rock-star Betsy looks exactly the same as she did pre-pregnancy. I can only dream of looking that good six months post delivery, not two weeks. Wow! Sadly we missed the return of Matt & Melissa from Roatan by a few days, but we hopefully will be seeing them in Provo soon enough. Hope everyone else had such a great holiday!


Tiff said...

I'm glad to see you had a good Thanksgiving! I'm sure that Sam & Val were so happy to have you all come visit! Man those kiddos are cute!

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