Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'll take things that glitter for $1000 Alex.

Oh I love my Christmas stuff! I tend to gravitate towards mixed shades of blue for any new project, (old bedding, bathroom redo, my wedding colors etc...) so when I decided to choose a theme for our tree two years ago, it was an easy choice. And like my friend Heather T. (Hi Heather!) I love all things sparkly. I try to keep it toned down in clothes and decor, but holidays are begging for it. Last year we had no sparkle as we were barely home for the month of December and almost didn't put up a tree. Clayton had just bought a collection of He-Man figurines off E-Bay and so we just put those up as ornaments. Of course most people liked that tree a million times better. Oh well. Someday it can be a second tree for us. Here is a shot for old times sake.

Sadly this was back in the days when I-Photo wouldn't send photos rotated. No matter what I tried. (They do now.) And I took this from my blog so it is still sideways. Ugh. Anyhow. On to the pretty stuff!And without the flash!
Our Stockings!
I know you want a close up of my ornament wreath I made last year and the vase of sparkly ball things I got at Robert's Craft just today. If you look close you will see jars and vases of them everywhere. 40% off coupons baby!If you have been part of my life lately, you have heard me complain about the little Nativity things I was working on. It started as an Enrichment project but took up my living room for about three weeks. They didn't really take that long, I was just slow to finish them. Ten minutes today, ten minutes in two days etc... Well they are all finally finished and ready to go. Here is my set on our mantle. Which would be the giant black entertainment center. Remnants of Clayton's bachelorhood.
P.S. One of our favorite comedians Demetri Martin has a bit about glitter. About how once you use it, it will be all over you and your belongings forever. He calls it "the herpes of craft supplies". Right now our house is riddled with it. So. If Clayton looks sparkly next time you see him you can blame me, and then make fun of him too.


Tiff said...

Beautiful Marianne! Was the ornament wreath difficult to make? I'm not very crafty. I love it! Happy-Sparkly-Christmas!!

leigh said...

the nativity turned out very cute! and i've always wanted a blue tree. but i'm holding out on doing it when i can get one of those fake white trees and then all the blues (and teals and variations of blue) will show up really great! for now it's all red and silver (fabric stuff: red/white/black)

Matt and Melissa said...

We are so sad we missed you while you were in Phoenix, but we didn't have a house of our own anyway. :( We are in Provo now, and not settled in but at least settled down a little. Matt and I are excited to see you and your baby. He also thought the He-man tree was awesome, and wants to do a GI Joe tree now. Booo! Cute nativity.

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