Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow day, Temple and Ants in my pants can apparently be ignored.

No kids of our own just yet, despite the fact that people repeatedly ask if I am delivering this week. Nope, ha ha. Sure do like hearing that though. No- about three more months still. I am just super-awesome-big. Deal with it.
Anyhow- the first real snow last Saturday was still something to enjoy as we were at little Allie's house (technically Tom & Jenni's). A team effort got her into her snow gear and outside. Her gloves did keep her hands warm, but she had no individual finger movement at all. Just two shovels which she used to scoop snow and then drop. Tom got all dressed up too and she really enjoyed it. She spent the better part of an hour out there while he shoveled the walks.

A proper BYU fan all in blue.

The night before Clayton and I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with his parents. What a lovely evening. The grounds looked so pretty. You can't take a bad picture of the Temple. A crooked one, sure. But it is one photogenic building.

The moon was full and huge (kinda like me) at the beginning of the night. When we came out it was normal sized and just peeking between the spires of the Temple. Very pretty. (I however stayed the same size, and the only thing I can "peek" between is maybe two barns)

Here we are. Coats don't fit me anymore, and I can't justify buying a maternity one. At work I wear my regular coat and just hike it up to fasten the top button somewhere near my chin. As if I already didn't look cool enough in my uniform. (See older posts.) Luckily I have a few wraps like this one for nights out. They are fantastic, but not exactly slimming. Ah well.
So, can we just pretend this is our Christmas card? Ya- until we have kids I just don't feel like making the effort with stamps. Next year baby!

Merry Christmas 2008!
Love Marianne & Clayton Firth

And today it is coming down in droves! Holy Moly! I had such plans to get things done! Sadly most are home chores, so the snow really isn't impeding my progress, and yet...
Here I sit at 2 something in the afternoon in my sweats listening to Christmas music. In between games of Zuma I am obsessively checking every one's blogs to see if anyone has written anything new. Durrr. Come on friends! Write something! My dishwasher needs to be unloaded, laundry to be started, presents to be wrapped, and sewing projects are glaring at me from the other room (who knew they could give such dirty looks?) So could you all help a girl out? How am I supposed to procrastinate when you haven't given me anything to read since this morning? I also should go buy milk and eggs. I shudder to think of what Clayton has been eating the last three days while I was at work. Without milk he is deprived of his one major food source: boxed cereal.
Alright- just writing it out is spurring me into action. The Christmas season is upon us and I am so excited!!!! So much to do, but all (ok some) with such fun results! Namely: parties!


Tiff said...

Such beautiful pics of the temple Marianne! should stop about how "huge" you say you are!! You look gorgeous! I guess you never saw me pregnant because I would have put 'huge' into perspective for you!

The Hytes said...

I found this through facebook and couldn't resist saying hey! You look beautiful and I'm so excited for you!!! I hope you have an amazing Christmas! Love, Heather Ohman Hyte

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