Thursday, February 28, 2008

We are going on a trip!

Wow. Like that's news for us. However, we are going to Hawaii tomorrow for a few days and then maybe somewhere else after that. Clayton is done working for a short spell so we are trying to grab this opportunity by the horns and run with it... or some idiom less mangled. And for some odd reason I am more excited than usual. Not excited enough to be packing right now, but that's what 1 am is for right?
On Tuesday Clayton joined me in Palm Springs California for a long overnight. I worked, he played. We did have some time in the morning to check out downtown and play at the pool. 45 minutes of sun and we have sunburns. That is the problem with being bundled up in 35 degree weather. You forget the power of the sun. The happy, happy power of the sun. Anyhow, I had to continue working. I went on to Calgary Canada and Clayton went to Park City to shop. Without me. (Insert frowny-face emoticon here.) Actually I am happy anytime he gets interested in fashion. So all is well, and he looks hot in his new jeans. Really. You should check him out next time you see him.
For all of our blog fans out there (the two of you) you may have noticed a change in background. I loved the Monet template I had, but it made the pictures transparent. It also hid the music player. Which is a problem if you are reading my blog and sick of the music. Now you can easily push mute or skip the track. I aim to please.
Well, I should be getting ready to go. Tonight I was going to dye my hair, give myself a pedicure, iron and do laundry. Which of these would you eliminate? You may find out which one(s) I cut out by the pictures I post of our Hawaii trip. In my defense I just got off work a little while ago. Anyhow. Call me if you want a pineapple sent to you.


Kirsten J said...

I need to snag the code you used to make your background static. Also, I see you changed the link to Darren's blog in your sidebar to reflect what his blog has turned into, and what our lives have turned into (although since we detoxed from the campaign in Mexico, it's been much better). Third, I like pineapple.

Have fun on your trip! Can't wait for the pictures.

Mark & Sarah Turpin said...

I love the new look of the blog! And have so much fun on your trip!

Shauna said...

I know I'm late, but hurray for Hawaii!!! I hope you have (had?) the best time ever.

I like your new background. And I'm impressed, since I have no idea how to do much of anything to my blog.

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