Friday, February 22, 2008

End of February

Not much has happened lately, but I photographed it all nonetheless. The nieces and nephews all had Monday off for President's Day, so we had Tommy and Grant over for a n evening of Catan. The Monday morning session went to Tommy. Here he is with his trophy while Clayton and Grant hang their heads in shame. What losers.Grant lost control of his anger and decided to get revenge with some sweet karate moves. Much blood and broken bones later, they made up and ended up playing Risk.
On Tuesday my friend Shauna ( ) visited me for lunch. Here she is with her sweet baby Lucy. Lucy is so adorable it hurts. She has such pretty blue eyes. Shauna is one of my best friends from high school (go Timpview). She was co-president of the art club with me. I don't think there was much of an election, (or an art club for that matter) before we decided to create one and appoint ourselves leaders. She actually went on to have a very successful career in design. Luckily the thing we still have in common is a great love of sarcasm, ANTM, celebrity gossip and Lucy.
Tuesday night was Lone Peak High School's final b-ball game. My niece Megan is a cheerleader there. My other niece Abby got to perform at half time with her for a cheer camp thing.
My parents came too. Here is my dad teaching Allie "go-fight-win". She is a natural.
Well, like I said. A slow news week. I went back to work this week (ugh) and today is Clayton's final day at NuSkin. He has worked there almost eight years. They have been great to him, but he is ready to move on and try new things. We will be traveling a bunch in the next two months before he has to settle back down, so hopefully we will have some exciting new pictures to share. And hopefully we can go see all of our friends in Phoenix! (Val & Sam, Betsy & Jay, Matt & Melissa!) Oh! Other great news is that Mark and Sarah had their baby boy this week! Little Boyce Charles Turpin. We are so excited for them! Check out the little hottie here.


Shauna said...

Were we aware that there is already a new season of ANTM starting, and that I almost missed it? Hasn't is only been like a month since they sent awkward autistic girl a-packing? huh.

Also, Lucy misses you. And your Rice-a-Roni. Come over soon (when you're not flitting off to some fabulous vacation destination with Clayton). I promise I won't make you cook for us.

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