Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Aloha and Mahalo!

(That's for you Matt Clayton)
Welcome to our Hawaiian getaway. Clayton and I had a few days off and nothing to do. So off to Hawaii of course. It is the only sensible solution. (When you have free flights and discounted hotels. Someday soon we will be poor and home bound.) We stayed at the lovely Resort Quest Pacific Monarch. We had a darling studio hotel room with a kitchenette and views of the city and the ocean. Here is the sunrise on Saturday morning.
Here is Clayton slicing up a pineapple for breakfast. This was actually on our last day. Our other breakfasts where at the restaurant down the street that was under a gay club. No affiliation, we just thought that was funny. They had insane coconut pancakes for low, low prices. Good for them.
Here are Clayton and I trying to get the views from our balcony. Nothing like taking self portraits as a couple. The self-timer shots of us together left something to be desired, like both of us in the picture.

Next is our para-sailing! So much fun and so peaceful. Long gone are the days of running on a beach or jumping off a dock to get up. Now you just strap in and they reel you out and back down without ever getting wet. If you have never done it, I highly recommend trying it out. It's safe and very easy. We had 500+ feet of line. The first shot is us taking off and the second is us out to sea. (Sky?)

One of the unique features of our hotel is that it has a pool and hot tub on the roof. It was heaven. 360 degree views of Honolulu. We spent more time there than on the beach. Here is a shot of Clayton, and a shot of the view over that same edge.

Us in front of Diamond Head.

This is Clayton in front of Kobe. It's supposed to be a world famous teppanyaki steak house, but we liked the ones here in Utah better. Go figure. With out the ocean in view, you still encounter some lovely scenes. Here is Clayton somewhere and me somewhere else. Near the canal in Waikiki if you want to go find it.

On Monday we went to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. We did not mean to look so lame, but you feel stupid grinning for pictures there. Another must see for anyone going to Oahu. This was my fifth time to Oahu and my first time going here. Better late than never.
They have a lot of submarine exhibits outside for you to check out. Here is Clayton as he would look as a sailor. Hot.

Here I am pretending to shoot bad guys.This was a Japanese one-man suicide torpedo. So creepy.
Here we are on our last night at sunset. Sunburned as always but happy to be going home.
That's actually a freaking lie. We got home this morning to cold and blustery yuck, and we are heading out the door tonight to catch a red-eye to Atlanta- and then possibly on to Costa Rica or somewhere tropical. We haven't figured it all out just yet. Clayton is asleep (it's three in the afternoon) as he can't sleep on planes so he needs to play catch up. Or store up or whatever. I am looking for hotels online. Yes, we are disgustingly spoiled right now, and yet I really don't feel too bad. I have worked dang hard for my benefits for 7 & 1/2 years. OK, so we're brats, but at least we are aware of it. Thanks for still being our friends.


Matt & Michelle Cannon Family said...

Looks like you're having fun!! We're incredibly jealous! My parents just got back from Hawaii on Saturday!! Enjoy and we'll have to hang out when you return!

Shauna said...

I love parasailing-so fun!

Hurry and update us when you get back from wherever you go next. I'm living vicariously here.

By the way, you look like a superstar in that Pearl Harbor picture.

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