Friday, February 15, 2008

What happened in December?

So this is a catch up blog. I never found the cord to my camera so I purchased a new one. Pictures will be forth coming. First off, thanks to everyone for your support this past week. We love our friends and family and are so blessed to have such good ones!
Yesterday was V-Day. Clayton and I had an awesome steak dinner at home and watched Roman Holiday. We were going to have a tradition of making things for each other rather than buy stuff to show our love. We did it last year and it was very fun. This year however, we wussed out and said no presents. Which of course we both neglected and bought stuff. I got him a giant glass jar to hold cinnamon bears in.

It is supposed to be like the one at Tom & Jenni's house that he hogs whenever we are there. I think Jenni only buys those for him. Clayton bought me a cake (wow he knows his wife) and got me a collection of Beatrix Potter dvds. It was a wonderful Valentine's day.
I really love cake.

But to catch up: Christmas was so much fun this year. We went to Logan where we spent time with Clint & Alison and family. They put on a nativity with the family that was so cute.

Clayton's brother Tyler served as a great donkey. Micah is the ever faithful Joseph leading Mary (Autumn) on.
Sorry for the sideways picture. Longtime readers of my blog will understand that certain computer functions are beyond my command. However, this seems to be a common problem with Mac books. Oh well. I had to include Autumn all ready for church. She is such a doll. The other kids are all so cute too, but I have to make some cuts or I will never get this out.
This is our awesome He-Man tree. We are big fans. Clayton bought old eighties He-Man figurines on e-bay for a steal. We have 60+ now. Since we weren't going to be home much around the holidays we didn't even bother getting out our decorations. So these became our ornaments. Prince Adam rides atop like an avenging angel.

So how did we spend our new years you ask? Playing Settlers of Catan of course. Like any good dorks would. We invited our nephews Grant, Calvin and Jack to spend the night. We had a lot of fun despite the trash talking between brothers. "I own you." We even made a super-awesome trophy for the current winner to keep at their residence.
Here are Grant and Calvin trying not to destroy each other.This is Clayton holding up nine fingers to show how often he beats me (and everyone) at this game.
This is me showing how often I've won. Um, did I mention that we are dorks? Even after the boys went home we played for three more days straight. We each would play three teams a piece. Dohoho-horks. However, we are looking for friends to play with. So if you Catan, give us a call.
This is Shane and Heidi at their Idaho reception. Shane is one of Clayton's best friends. I was too sick to go to the reception so Clayton had to drive to Blackfoot alone. We are so excited for Shane to have finally found such a lovely bride. He is the last of their group of friends to tie the knot.
And as Lisa ( )always says: Here is one for the road. Tom and Allie. Her attitude is perfect for the hair.


Shauna said...

um, that is the best Christmas tree I have ever seen. You are not allowed to ever get out the real decorations.

I've been too sure I would totally stink at it to ever try playing Settlers of Catan. Also a little worried I wouldn't be able to figure out how to play in the first place.

Hooray for hanging out this week!

Kirsten J said...

It took me 4 hours to really catch on to Settlers. We were at Powell and it stressed me out because we were playing with a bunch of venture capitalits. They were all intense about it like they were planning on adding Ore to their own investment portfolios. Due to the intensity, I could not enjoy this game. Maybe if I played with you guys. Or maybe just Jack?

Our friends ordered a bunch of garbage pail kid cards on eBay. We thumbed through them all, gagging on all the images, and thinking naturally of you and Clayton, And how much we wish we could have you and your He-Men join us.

clintandalison said...

What a fun post, Marianne! It was nice to see you guys tonight.

The boys would have LOVED your tree...they really enjoy playing with my brothers' old He-man guys every time we visit my parents.

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