Monday, December 31, 2007

All the rest!

Our beautiful boat!
Clayton, Grant, Marianne & Megan at the Southernmost Point in Key West.
At the Tulum ruins. These four guys just pop off this pole and start spinning down. It's bizarre and really cool.
Me and Clayton at the Tulum ruins with the ocean in the background. So gorgeous it all looks fake.
Jenni and Tom on deck 10 as we left Castaway Cay. Can you believe a couple this good looking have teenagers?

Mom & Dad (Tom & Judy) on deck for cast off.
Mom and Dad with Percy (Peru) and Dobrinka (Bulgaria). They were our servers all week and they were awesome! The meals were fantastic. PS. Wow my parents can tan. How come I didn't get that gene?
Tom, Allie and Jenni in the life boat drill. Ours was held in a theater. Not sure what that meant for our chances at a boat if we were to sink, but oh well. We are pretty strong swimmers.
Tom, Jenni and Allie at sunset our first night on board. Aaahh. Over too soon.
Pirate Night! Ahrrrrg! Ahoy, avast and so forth. We got free bandannas at dinner. Then they take your picture which we didn't buy. But here it is! Magic!


Adam said...

I wish I could have gone. When are we going next?

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