Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our house is happier

This was our bathroom. Some time in the late 90's (the condo was built in 96, about 4 years after ivy was hot in home decor) someone painstakingly hand painted ivy all over the bathroom. All over the bathroom. With a matching hunter green, vinyl covered, foam toilet seat and super awesome ivy shower curtain. I got rid of those ages ago but the walls were here to stay.

The walls were an icky shade of yellow-white. The kind of color that looks eternally dirty. I decided to paint the walls and trim white and then paint just the walls blue.

I love the detail she put around the toilet. All around like a frame. So much work. SO had to go. So I headed over to home depot and got to work. It took forever to paint over the ivy. I should have used primer, but I thought the white would work. It did eventually. About seven layers later.

So clean looking! So much better. My advice to anyone painting is to leave the ceiling the heck alone. Seriously. If it doesn't match, oh well. Let it go. It took forever and was only marginally worth the effort. But still I was thrilled with how it looked. So the next shot is the blue. I went very pale. I wanted subtle and serene. I love the results. Sadly two nights ago I was touching up the walls and fell off the chair. As I fell, I fell onto the chair. It really hurt. I went to the doctor and found out I either pulled the muscle between the ribs or fractured a rib. Good times. So I can not work for a week or two. Not too sorry about that, but you know. I am actually only going to miss three days of work as we are going on another cruise on Friday. I know, one Disney cruise? Good for you. Two? You guys suck. We found an insane deal and are going with my brother, his wife and kids, my parents and another nephew. Super excited. That will probably be our next blog so feel free to leave rude comments. We won't mind.
But doesn't the bathroom look so awesome? (Aside from the clutter around the sink, it will go soon.) Maybe not worth a rib, but I am not sure. That ivy was pretty bad. Now I want to paint every room in the house. Any suggestions for colors?


Kirsten J said...

No suggestions for color that Clayton would approve of. But we just got new sheets and they are wonderful. They looked like a nice buttery color but against the dark wood of our bed they look almost mustard. And the color is absolutely perfect. I want it on walls.

I'm also completely stupid for olive green. I'd do crazy things to have an olive green room and if I owned my house I'd be all over it. Maybe your husband will agree? I always forget, it's his house too or whatever.

And then there is the chocolate brown from my last apartment, which may only work with thick white crown molding and hardwood floors. But there was something about how cozy it made that room, not to mention how cute silver frames looked with it. I'm a geek. Sorry. Chocolate brown is not for everyone and might be too warm of a color.

Another beloved is what I like to call "mushroom." It's like brown but with a powdery, grayer olive undertone. One example is Jenni's wall in her kitchen behind the stove, against which she framed some gold plates. I love those two colors together.

Those are my suggestions.

Shauna said...

Oh goodness, the ivy. It's so tragic when someone puts their heart and soul (and probably 12 straight Saturdays) into something so awful.

The new color looks fab. I love the way new paint feels. So clean! I think I would rather just put on a new layer of paint than acutally clean a wall.

Can you spare a second from your busy cruise-taking schedule to hang out sometime?

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